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May 20, 2020
Hemp and marijuana are often confused for one another. While these two plants do belong to the same family, they are distinctively unique in appearance, application, cultivation, and legality. Understanding the differences between these two plants can help you make better-informed decisions regarding your cannabinoid therapy regimen. While some individuals benefit from hemp-derived CBD, others...
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While we believe that Western medicine and traditional pharmaceuticals all play an important role in healing the members of our society, we also believe that finding natural, alternative approaches for certain conditions can be highly beneficial. Many traditional pharmaceutical options are very effective but are meant for short-term use and can have a laundry list...
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While considerable strides still need to be made in terms of clinical research for CBD, the existing preclinical and anecdotal data have been overwhelmingly positive. From anxiety to stroke prevention, CBD may address an incredibly wide scope of health conditions. So how does this naturally-occurring compound potentially offer therapeutic value for such varying conditions? The...
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