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July 22, 2021
Self-Care Practices
All the stress management techniques would be ineffective if you are not practicing self-care. Meditation too would not do you any good if you suffer from sleep debt. When you try to meditate, you may even snooze because you are not fulfilling the sleep needs of your body. We are so busy focusing on goals,...
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Benefits of Meditation
Meditation is an easy way of freeing your mind, shirking your daily anxieties, and focusing on mental relaxation. Entering into a meditative state implies learning to become a passive onlooker of one’s thoughts. It does not imply suppressing or compelling them to disappear. Meditation involves the process of constant focus on one object for an...
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Slave to your emotions
Our view of an event is heavily influenced by our emotions. Emotional reasoning takes place when we assume something is true because of the way we feel when in reality, the truth could be very different. While there’s nothing wrong with detecting and acknowledging your emotions, they might lead us away from objective and unbiased...
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Skin Hydrated
Do you get perplexed by skin dryness in the summer? Sweaty and greasy skin is common during the summer months. In the summer, though, a surprising amount of individuals complain about skin dryness.  Are you curious as to why? In the sweltering heat, a number of factors can rob your skin of hydration. We’ll explain...
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Brain Power
Everyone forgets certain things when they get busy and having a poor memory is completely natural. Regardless, this can be aggravating. Memory loss is influenced by genetics, particularly in catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, studies have revealed that diets and lifestyle have a significant impact on brain power. Ways To Boost Your...
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