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December 21, 2021
Sedentary Lifestyle
While technological advancements make our lives secure and comfortable, they have also encouraged several individuals to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. Less Physical activity has been associated with a variety of health problems, and it is thought to be a key contributor to the obesity epidemic. Inactivity and sitting for longer durations, according to research...
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Imagine that whenever you were anxious or cold, your fingers and toes lost sensation and began to tingle with discomfort, similar to pins and needles. Consider how odd it must seem for your fingertips to turn blue or white. Do you have any concerns about this? If you’ve ever felt this way, or know someone...
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Hemp Connoisseur Magazine
Leading Hemp industry organization and magazine, Hemp Connoisseur, named Hemp Depot co-founder Andy Rodosevich one of the “100 People You Should Know” because they are such successful leaders and innovators in the cannabis market. Andy is CEO and co-founder of Hemp Depot, where he and lifelong friend Luke Pickering, run one of the nation’s largest...
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We all find ourselves scrolling through social media when we have an important task to do. The number of constant notifications on our mobile phones makes it even more difficult to focus on our work. However, distractions can come in various forms and seem impossible to avoid. Distractions can cause loss of productivity and affect...
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coloradobizjpeg cbd distributor
Hemp Depot recently added two new members to their team: Jeff Trujillo, VP of Sales and Marketing and Dustin Seifried, Lead Scientist and New Product and Extraction Director. This article discusses the exciting new contributions the two well-experienced members will make to  the Hemp Depot team. Trujillo is expected to help expand the fast growing...
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During these uncertain times, staying active is crucial for both physical and mental health. For those of us that experience seasonal allergies, finding ways to stay physically active can be difficult especially when outdoors. Seasonal allergies can make any outdoor exercise significantly more difficult, leading to sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and other unwanted symptoms....
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Step aside, CBD! CBG seems to be the latest cannabinoid to turn the heads of wellness aficionados everywhere. The main difference between CBD and CBG (which stands for cannabigerol) is that they come from different compounds within the cannabis plant and also serve separate purposes, Dr. Terry Johnston, MD, a medical physician and strategic advisor associated with Allied...
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CBD rich seeds
Interest in the Cannabis Manufacturer of the Year category in the Colorado Manufacturing Awards is heightened this year by a fascinating convergence of storylines. Federal legalization aside, the most intriguing may well be the impact that new FDA regulations will have on the industry. The common theme that binds the 2020 CMA finalists is preparedness: All have set a...
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You will hold a lot of excitement and enthusiasm when taking a trip, from checking out the scenic places to relishing the culinary of that location and relaxing on the cozy bed. Be it a business trip or a vacation, long hours on the flight can impact your health in many ways. Sometimes traveling can...
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CBD Holiday
CBD goods, whether as a supplement or a health care item, have become a common occurrence in many people’s life. CBD hemp oil and CBD topicals are being used by an increasing number of people daily to treat long-term health concerns. In This Article, We Will discuss more on how CBD for holiday season is...
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