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A Quick Guide To CBD Rosin

Previously, the CBD market was not as prosperous as it is now. Only a few connoisseurs reaped the benefits of this cannabinoid. However, as cannabis laws evolved, so did demand. In 2018, the farm bill removed CBD from the controlled substances list and legalized hemp production. Now people could freely sell, possess, and transfer hemp-derived CBD derivatives that contained less than 0.3 percent. Manufacturing companies could also try everything hemp had to offer. CBD concentrates like CBD rosin is one of those things.

Are you familiar with CBD rosin? What are the benefits of rosin? To know all details of this particular concentrate, go through this article. This post will also highlight the differences between rosin and other concentrates such as wax, resin, and shatter.


An Introduction To CBD Rosin


CBD Rosin
CBD Tincture


The effects of dabbing rosin are similar to those of smoking flowers. But, concentrates require considerably smaller dosages to provide the same effects as cannabis flower. This feature is beneficial for many people. From patients requiring more than standard CBD dosages to recreational users seeking pleasure without getting high, CBD rosin well suits the needs of everyone. Let us explore more of this valuable CBD product.

CBD rosin is a popular solventless, high-potency cannabis concentrate option. It is legal to consume and use as long it derives from hemp with low THC levels. The most distinguishing feature of this concentrated hemp compound is that it has no solvents or additives. Other extracts undergo complicated manufacturing processes incorporating solvents such as hexane, butane, or potentially toxic materials. However, rosin is far superior because its formation involves fewer complications.

According to a 2021 study, rosin extraction employs compression and heat to obtain oils and rosin. Rosin extraction can be as simple as using a hair straightener for recreational needs. But for more commercial medicinal applications, manufacturers adopt a modified heat press. Regardless, the processing and extraction method of CBD rosin is undemanding.


How Is CBD Rosin Different From Resin, Wax, And Shatter?

Various concentrate forms like rosin, resin, wax, and shatter contain high levels of CBD and terpenes. Due to this aspect, they are far more potent than other cannabis products. They allow the user to get a high CBD dose in a short while.


Shatter is a marijuana extract named after its delicate glass-like consistency, implying that it shatters when dropped. Shatter has a very high THC level (often 90 percent or higher) because it is a pure cannabis extract. It stands out due to its rich orangish-honey color.




CBD Rosin
CBD Rosin


Like shatter, wax has high THC levels and intense psychedelic effects. But it has a crumbly and sticky consistency similar to earwax. The change is because of their respective processing methods. Apart from consistency and appearance differences, wax is an easy-to-use substance that degrades faster than shatters.



Resin refers to the sticky crystal-like residue (called Trichomes) seen on the base of marijuana plant flowers. It is a naturally occurring substance that resembles wax. It contains active synergistic compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Because of its high potency, it gets categorized among wax and shatters.



CBD rosin does not contain as many psychedelic components as shatter, wax, and resin. The manufacturing process of rosins involves drying and curing marijuana flowers, so the THC-rich resin concentrate gets removed. Though it is the least potent of the four concentrate forms, it is famous for its safe and easy processing.

In short, shatter, wax, resin, and rosin are all types of marijuana concentrate with more or less psychoactive content. Resin is a naturally occurring substance that can be smoked in different ways, although it is the least potent of the group. Shatter is the most powerful, but it takes a lot of expertise to make it. Wax has the same high THC content as shatter, but its consistency and appearance are different. Like shatter and wax, rosin is a handcrafted extract, but the process is less complicated, resulting in a less potent concentrate form.

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Benefits Of Using CBD Rosin


CBD Rosin
CBD Rosin


A 2017 study reviews the potential efficacy of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis on prioritized health conditions. According to this research, CBD helps with epilepsy, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, spasticity, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

CBD rosin provides all of the same health benefits associated with CBD. However, it has distinct advantages for those seeking cannabis concentrates specifically for their needs. Here is a discussion on those features.



Since CBD rosin contains no residual chemicals, it is a pure, clean product. It eliminates the possibility of toxic matter entering your body. Besides this, producing CBD rosin is also risk-free because it does not involve the use of any chemicals.


Simple To Make

Heat and pressure are the only two aspects required for making CBD rosin. The process requires no safety precautions as it does not involve using any hazardous chemicals. However, you will need a rosin press machine, but it is not as costly and sophisticated as equipment for other kinds of concentrates.



CBD rosin comes from hemp that contains almost negligible psychoactive content. But it does include highly concentrated CBD, which makes it more potent than other CBD products. And due to its high CBD potency, it is also very fast-acting. It generates quick, therapeutic effects depending on the way you use it.



Thanks to technological advancements, CBD rosin producers can easily prepare potent concentrates today. You do not even need a lab setting for it. Rosins are simple to make at home also. The equipment required is a rosin press machine that comes at a reasonable price. All you need is a budget for obtaining the flowering plant, and then you can make your own CBD rosin.


Entourage Effect

Another benefit of CBD flower rosin is that it is a full-spectrum product. It contains CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, minor cannabinoids, a low THC potency, and other beneficial compounds. For medical patients, having all of the molecular compounds of the cannabis plant is highly effective. These compounds work together, creating synergy, also known as the entourage effect.

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How Do People Consume CBD Flower Rosin?

The versatile CBD flower rosin enables consumers to use it in many ways. Anything that you can do with THC flower rosin is possible with CBD rosin also. For instance, users can dab it, make a topical, add it to edibles, or wrap it around a joint. Not only this, you can enjoy your flower rosin concentrate as you like.




CBD Rosin
CBD Rosin


A dab rig is the most common technique used for inhaling CBD rosin. These rigs may appear complicated, but they’re simply water pipes that heat concentrates to a high enough temperature. They tend to create tasty cannabinoid-rich vapor. When dabbing CBD rosin, apply the resin directly onto the heated nail and then start to inhale. As you finish your draw, cover the dab to ensure proper airflow. Feel the ecstasy as you exhale the vapor.

Solventless CBD vape cartridges have also become available on the market now. You can choose to dab using a standard rig setup or a modern vaporizer.



Generally, users inhale CBD rosin after it gets superheated. Apart from inhaling, you can use it in many other ways. You can infuse concentrate into foods, topicals, and tinctures with as low as two grams of concentration. Before adding the rosin to your product, decarboxylate it and activate CBD contents. For this process, place rosin in a 220°-230° oven for 90 minutes at home. During the decarboxylation process, the rosin should bubble. When the bubbles cease to form, you will know that the process is complete. You can then incorporate the decarboxylated rosin in your cannabis recipe, oil, or cream according to your preference.



You can also create topicals or balms at home with CBD rosin. For this purpose, decarboxylate your rosin in a 220°-230° oven using coconut oil. Tiny bubbles will develop as the rosin and the oil melt together. When the bubbling stops, the decarboxylation is complete, just as it gives a sign when you prepare edibles. To increase the aroma and benefits of your balm, add a few drops of essential oil like eucalyptus or lavender to the rosin mixture. This way, your CBD rosin-based topical is ready to use. Keep it refrigerated or frozen in a compact container with a lid to help stabilize and preserve it.


Guidelines For Making CBD Flower Rosin At Home

CBD rosin production is similar to how people have long squeezed oil from olives or coconuts. The process involves pressing flat hemp flower buds between two heated surfaces (a rosin press). The consistent pressure applied to each side pulls out the resin extract from the trichomes, releasing the sticky substance that forms CBD rosin.

Drawing out CBD rosin is simple as you do not have to operate heavy machinery. But you will need a rosin press, a machine designed to press hemp at adequate heat and pressure. Besides this, you should have high-quality hemp flower buds and parchment paper. If you have the materials, follow the steps stated below:

  1. Place the hemp between two parchment paper sheets. If you have micron filter bags, put the hemp in the bag first, followed by the parchment paper.
  2. Rosin is best made in small batches, so divide the hemp into multiple lumps.
  3. Put it on the pressing surface of the rosin press.
  4. Turn on the rosin press. Consider the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding pressure, temperature, and time.

Generally, lower temperatures preserve more terpenes and flavonoids, and a longer press time yields more. However, the setting of most press machines are: 

  •  Pressure: 300 to 1000 PSI
  • Temperature range: 180°F–220°F
  • Time duration: 60-180 seconds

Soon, you will notice that the resin appears on the paper. Once it squeezes out, collect the rosin with a spoon.

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Bottom line

There are many effective ways to consume CBD, all unique and productive. Some people enjoy the taste of a typical pre-roll, while others prefer using a CBD vaporizer or tincture. Many choose to consume it in a delicious edible and mask the bitter taste. CBD rosin is a new addition to the product list of cannabis derivatives.

CBD rosin is a solvent-free concentrated cannabidiol form obtained from hemp. It has a translucent amber-golden color and sticky texture similar to sap. Concentrates are denser than extracts, meaning that a small amount goes a long way. You can smoke or vape rosin using appropriate devices. Elsewise, you can add decarboxylated rosin to your regular food, tincture formula, or topical cream. You also have the option to make CBD rosin at home. For those who require a highly concentrated source of CBD, making CBD rosin themselves is worthwhile. It’s an excellent choice for even complete beginners because it’s inexpensive, safe, and simple to make.

But whether you prefer DIY rosin or ready-made CBD concentrate, store it in a small, air-tight glass container. Air exposure gradually degrades the rosin, reducing its potency and depleting it of valuable terpenes. You can conserve it at room temperature or in the fridge to preserve its purity and authenticity.

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