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Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Finding ways to stay active and consistent can be tough. Many people struggle with creating an achievable workout routine that they can keep up with. That’s why pre-workout supplements are so common among individuals just getting started with their fitness plan as well as consistent gym-goers. The unfortunate thing about pre-workout supplements and drinks is that they can contain some harmful, undesirable ingredients including artificial coloring, high caffeine content, cheap fillers, too much Yohimbe, and even DMAA. CBD may offer a great pre-workout alternative for achieving that natural boost you need to get your workout started.

The Benefits of CBD as a Pre-Workout Alternative

CBD is commonly thought of for its sedating effects and often taken before bedtime for better rest. However, studies have shown that small doses of CBD are actually alerting and can provide a natural boost of energy for addressing daytime fatigue. This makes micro-dosing CBD a great option for a natural alternative as a pre-workout supplement. CBD may also deliver some other great benefits for your upcoming workout. CBD may enhance endurance and mobility by alleviating aches and pains. CBD may also provide anxiety relief and support better cognitive function so that you’re better prepared both physically and mentally. The only downside of using CBD as a pre-workout alternative is that there’s no clear cut off when it comes to dosage– you’ll have to experiment in order to find the right alerting dose for you.

Clinical-Grade CBD for Your Workout Routine

Cibadol is honored to provide clinical-grade CBD available for your workout routine. We offer both full-spectrum and CBD isolate products that are perfect for pre-workout and post-workout recovery. From topicals to tinctures, you can find the right product for enhancing your workouts and ensuring you stay consistent with your routine. For more information regarding how to use CBD as a pre-workout supplement, please contact us!

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