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CEO Andy Rodosevich looked for a market need to keep his company going despite losing 40 percent of bulk manufacturing sales. When The Hemp Depot, a vertically integrated hemp and CBD company based in Denver, Colo., saw its revenues decrease dramatically in late February and early March, CEO Andy Rodosevich knew something was coming. Hemp...
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The latest unemployment figures stand as a stark reminder of how much we’re all hurting. On April 2, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced that 61,583 initial unemployment claims were filed the week ending March 28. For perspective: That’s eight times the number of claims filed the week ending Jan. 9, 2010, the...
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Hemp Depot produces hemp CBD wholesale, but as COVID-19 became a pandemic, wholesale orders dropped rapidly, thus creating a need for CEO Andy Rodosevich to keep his staff employed. This is when he realized that, with some quick changes, he could achieve this goal while also helping respond to the nationwide need for personal protective equipment (PPE). In seven days, Hemp Depot adapted its production...
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When the Regional Transportation District needed hand sanitizer for its 3,060 employees, and its regular suppliers couldn’t come through, the agency turned to an unexpected source: Hemp Depot. RTD ordered 2,000 2-ounce spray bottles of hand sanitizer from the Denver-based hemp grower and CBD manufacturer last Thursday, March 26. By Monday, the transportation administrator had received 1,000 of...
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Most of us think of sanitation in terms of visible cleanliness. If something looks clean and is free of dirt, we assume that it is sanitary. But this is far from true.
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Interest in the Cannabis Manufacturer of the Year category in the Colorado Manufacturing Awards is heightened this year by a fascinating convergence of storylines. Federal legalization aside, the most intriguing may well be the impact that new FDA regulations will have on the industry. The common theme that binds the 2020 CMA finalists is preparedness: All have set a...
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Your team members can be your greatest source of inspiration. Having a solid group of creative, hardworking individuals contributing their ideas often produces beautiful results for a business. However, people must make a conscious effort to collaborate with, and learn from, each other. To initiate these productive discussions, good communication is key. Below, members of Forbes Business Council share their...
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On Tuesday, Hemp Depot announced that it is making a dramatic shift in the pricing of CBD-rich seeds to increase the economic viability and profitability of hemp farming for U.S. farmers. Hemp Depot is among the largest wholesale providers of the highest quality CBD oil products, seeds, and clones in the United States. Hemp Depot...
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U.S. CBD seed is now comparable in cost and safety to U.S. corn market. After engineering an innovative, proprietary new process to create high volumes of feminized CBD seeds, Hemp Depot has produced an economically viable solution that allows farmers to boost production and maximize profit per acre. _______________________ COLORADO SPRINGS, CO –– February 4,...
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Hemp Depot is one of the first companies to recieve the Good Manufacturing Practice and Current Good Manufacturing Practice certifications as manufacturing and storing of CBD tests 100% safe and pure after an 18-month review and inspection process. ___________________ COLORADO SPRINGS, CO –– February 3, 2020 –– Hemp Depot, one of the largest wholesale providers of...
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