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"The holiday season is a perfect time to introduce friends and family to the benefits of CBD or, if you’re already a CBD enthusiast, to stock up for the New Year."
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You know something has gone mainstream when television’s venerable Today Show starts covering it. And that’s exactly happened recently, when the program reported on cannabidiol (CBD) as a “buzzy trend in the wellness world,” and the “latest ingredient everybody’s talking about.” 
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Our careful expansion efforts over the past several years have also paid off. We currently have enough seed in stock for the production of more than 3,000 acres of high-CBD content hemp (0.175kg/acre) – and a customer base that knows they can rely on our products. 
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We’re heading into the colder and darker winter months here in North America, and most likely your animal companions have also noticed the change in season. This is the time of year when both indoor and outdoor pets need extra care. Here are some tips from a variety of experts.
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  The Colorado-based company is offering major discounts on all its online products, in an unprecedented one-day holiday event.   Black Friday Promotional Code  ALL DAY: BFCM17 for 60% OFF   Midnight - 5am: BFFIRST17 for 75% off
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According to the report the market for hemp seeds is expected to grow “at a significant rate” over the next eight or so years, as more people around the world discover the benefits of hemp seeds and their derivative products. 
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Autumn can be a great time to be outdoors for both you and your pets. But the change of season can also bring some new challenges for responsible pet owners. Here are a few tips from the ASPCA about how to “fall-proof” your animal companions as we head into winter:
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We’re following up that price drop with more good news. All of the Tru Organics pills are now available as soft gel capsules. 
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Our company has already developed a strong customer base with our high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products. And now we’re pleased to announce that all the pill versions of our potent CBD supplements will be available as soft gel capsules. 
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The Colorado-based company is projecting even larger output over the next 12 months, as consumer demand for hemp-derived CBD products grows.
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