Use Of CBD For Treatment Of Varicose Veins

CBD And Varicose Veins

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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about CBD oil. Since it won’t get you high, many people feel more at ease using it without worrying about adverse effects. It is used to treat many problems and is believed to be relaxing. CBD oil has been recommended as a treatment for everything from anxiety to arthritis. There is a myth that CBD oil may treat varicose veins.

There are many ways to treat varicose veins. In varicose veins, our legs appear bulging, discoloration, and swelling. CBD is one of the recent ones, and CBD relieves pain and inflammation. In scientific research, CBD has proved to reduce pain. Unfortunately, it does not cure varicose veins but can help relieve some pain. In this article, we will learn more about CBD and its use to relieve varicose veins.

Varicose Veins

Due to faulty veins, Varicose veins develop. In varicose veins, the valves prevent blood from moving in the backward direction, Do not close properly. Spider veins are another name for varicose veins. These veins swell, and internal pressure increases. They are easy to spot. The color becomes dark purple or blue. Such veins usually appear on the legs and feet. Treatment for them is possible. Usually, treatment is not required. But you should go for treatment if the veins continue to swell or it hurts. Some conditions cause varicose veins, for example, pregnancy or overweight people.

Varicose veins cause the flow of blood in the wrong direction. These veins mostly appear in the legs because when we stand or walk, the pressure inside these veins is more than in other veins. People who stand a lot are more prone to varicose veins. Blood circulation is necessary for your body to function correctly. And to have a healthy lifestyle. Sitting for a long time without any movement can cause valvular overflow.

The reason is that the body muscles do not contract properly. As a result, the blood gets overloaded, and the volume also increases. Thus valves cannot handle so much blood. In the initial stages, varicose veins are painless and non-problematic. But they do become a problem if you stand for a long time. The exact reason for what causes the varicose veins is not known yet. The varicose veins are caused due to hereditary reasons also. Some early symptoms of varicose veins are as follow: 

  • Legs feel tense, tired, and heavy
  • There is a warm sensation in the legs.
  • Cramps and Itches.
  • Shin rash
  • Discoloration
  • inflammation

Untreated varicose veins become venous ulcers. The treatment includes wearing a compression stocking that prevents the flow of blood backward. Otherwise, remove non-functional veins via surgery.

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Ulcers mostly form around the ankles. Varicose veins are close to the skin, and the ulcer forms. Discoloration of the skin also takes place.

Blood Clots

Due to swelling, blood clots form. If the pain does not go away, then in such cases, you should see your doctor.


When the vein bursts, it causes bleeding. It may not be a problem, but you should check into it.

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What Is CBD?

CBD And Varicose Veins
Broad spectrum CBD

CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and safe cannabinoid. The hemp plant can be defined as a cousin of marijuana. We get CBD from the hemp plant. CBD has neuroprotective effects and anti-cancer properties. Due to CBD, endogenous cannabinoid effects mimic. CBD also has anti-inflammation and pain relief properties. It further enhances the formation of reactive oxygen. It is available in various forms like topicals(creams, lotions, and gels), CBD oil, and edibles(pills, capsules, and gummy). The popularity of CBD products is rapidly growing due to their non-psychoactive effects and various properties. People consume CBD for many reasons like: 

  • Proper sleep
  • Pain and inflammation relief
  • Anxiety
  • Stress and many more.

CBD reacts with various receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors work with cannabinoids formed inside our bodies. As a result, we feel and experience pain. CBD also helps in restless leg syndrome(RLS). RLS is a condition where sleep interrupts due to uncontrollable leg movement, and the varicose vein gets complimented by restless leg syndrome. Due to increased dopamine levels, people suffering from varicose veins and RLS can sleep properly. There is numerous research about the anti-oxidative properties of CBD. CBD also reduces the proliferation of tumors.

There are three types of CBD products available in the marketplace. 

  • Full-spectrum CBD

The CBD products that consist of CBD and other compounds found in cannabis are known as full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD also has THC, and THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a psychoactive compound, meaning it has high or euphoric effects.

  • Broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is somewhat similar to full-spectrum CBD. But it does not have THC, so such CBD products do not have any euphoric effects.

  • Isolate CBD

As the name suggests, these CBD products have Isolate CBD. These products are the best for people who want to consume CBD and enjoy its benefits. Such people do not want to witness any effects of other chemicals found in the cannabis plant.

CBD And Varicose Veins

Due to the therapeutic properties of CBD, it is the best treatment for varicose veins. For the treatment of medical conditions, CBD is the best way. The endocannabinoid system(ECS) responds to the signals sent from the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. They hugely affect the psychological spectrum of the body. CBD has anti-inflammation and pain relief properties. So it makes sense to use CBD for the treatment of spider veins. Blood circulation is a problem caused due to varicose veins.

The hemp seed oil is helpful if the treatment is topical. It consists of omega fatty acids and other healthy substances. Pain, inflammation, and itchiness get eliminated by applying hemp seed oil. When the veins are superficial, hemp seed oil will increase blood circulation. Slowly-slowly varicose veins will reduce and fade away. You can also consume CBD orally.

Full-spectrum CBD can be used for the treatment of spider veins. Micro-dosing is one of the recommended ways to consume CBD. Thus it benefits the entire body. And the overall health of the body increases. CBD hemp oil can reduce pain and inflammation. Also, itchiness and soreness may get reduced, But it won’t cure the disease.

Some Other Things To Note While Treatment Of Varicose Veins

CBD And Varicose Veins
CBD And Varicose Veins

You should wear loose and oversized clothes. Exercise daily for healthy circulation of blood and lose weight. Because if you are overweight, it will increase the pressure on your veins. Wear compression stockings which help in blood circulation.

Some procedures may help as follow: 

  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA): Radiofrequency ablation makes ultrasonic and thin catheters that deliver radiofrequency energy. The heat damages the veins, and they seal themself. Thus blood does not enter these veins.
  • Mirco-phlebectomy: Small incisions used for the treatment of varicose veins. This treatment has no risk of complications and does not cause any significant scares. This treatment is used only for the removal of small varicose veins.
  • Sclerotherapy: The damaged veins are closed with the help of a liquid or form like a solution is used. It makes the blood move in healthier veins. A solution is injected into the veins to close them under this treatment.
  • VenaSeal: In VenaSeal, adhesives help to seal varicose veins. After this treatment, blood is not allowed to flow in these veins.

There can be complications after going through any of these procedures. Therefore, you must take care and follow these instructions. It reduces the chances of infections or other complications. It helps in smooth healing. So you should wear compression stockings for some time. They help in a healthy flow of blood. These procedures help in curing varicose veins. But you can end up with them again. If you become overweight, stand, or sit for a long time.

CBD versus Marijuana

Marijuana is a variety of those cannabis plants that consists of THC levels of more than 0..3%. THC intoxicates the consumers or gets them high. CBD is a variety of those cannabis plants with THC levels of less than 0.3%. Because of the low THC level, it thus does not make consumers high. CBD has various properties that help in numerous medical conditions.

CBD versus Other Drugs Containing THC

Drugs used for recreational purposes have a high level of THC. THC is a compound that can make a person ‘high’, and CBD has a THC level lower than 0.3%. So, a person who consumes CBD does not become high. Hence, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound.

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Is CBD Illegal?

CBD products are becoming more popular after the 2018 Farms Bill Act. The 2018 farm Bill removed CBD from the Controlled Substances Act. This act allowed the cultivation of the Hemp plant on United States soil. FDA has approved CBD products, but it is not 100% legal in all the states. From the Cannabis sativa plant, we obtain CBD. Hemp and marijuana are often confused as being the same thing. Industrial hemp and marijuana are different types of plants.

The marijuana and the hemp plant are of the same genus of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is still illegal to cultivate hemp in other countries. It will help if you do proper research before traveling with CBD. States that allow medical marijuana allow the use of CBD products. But some states won’t allow the use of marijuana but allow CBD use under some conditions.

Future Of CBD Products And Hemp

After the 2018 Farm Bill Act, the popularity of CBD is increasing, and it is a big step in legalizing CBD products. Marketplaces are flooded with many CBD products, and Hemp products are in huge demand, especially CBD. Also, because of tons of benefits, it is known to fight many diseases. Many types of research are going on CBD and its ability to fight against pain and inflammation. The future of CBD and hemp products depends on their success. and on the current research that is going on.

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Conclusion On CBD And Varicose Veins

CBD reduces the symptoms of varicose veins on a temporary base. Going through the vein procedures performed by the vein specialist is the best treatment for the problem. To determine the right dosage, speak with your doctor. CBD can reduce pain and inflammation, but more research is needed in this field.

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