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How Women Can Benefit From CBD

A rise in research and publications on the benefits of CBD has made it possible to gain an understanding on the way CBD acts on the human body and its offerings on health and well-being of people.  Several studies have also revealed promising results of CBD on Women’s health. Women constitute a large part of CBD followers and are turning to this plant medicine to help them in leading anxiety –free and healthier lives.

How Women Can Benefit From CBD?

Here are some of the ways CBD can be beneficial in managing the overall health of women and offer numerous reliefs.

CBD Works As An Anxiety Reliever

Women are more prone to anxiety compared to men and resorting to prescription drugs for anxiety can have adverse side effects and be habit-forming. CBD as an alternative therapy for alleviating anxiety does not cause any habit formation. CBD works in the same way as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) does, which are prescription medications that are generally used to manage anxiety and depression.

CBD functions by boosting the working of the serotonin receptors of the brain which relieve mood and anxiety.

Provide Relief In Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Symptoms Of Period

During painful periods or PMS women undergo symptoms like heavy bleeding, annoyance, fatigue, cramps, and headaches. CBD can be useful in treating a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms that are generally associated with PMS. The analgesic and inflammation lowering potential of CBD oils can be effective in diluting the PMS Symptoms.

The surge of hormones experienced by women every month can cause mood swings, changes in eating habits, bloating, anxiety, and cramps that emanate from PMS. The hunt for a drug to minimize signs of PMS has been on for many decades. CBD has inched close in that it can help to moderate fluctuations in mood and anxiety in women. It can be useful in soothing bloating and painful cramps during a woman’s monthly cycle.

Modulates Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones have an important role to play in our system as it impacts our growth, metabolism, reproduction, and various functions. It has a decisive role in women’s health as  hormones are connected to the menstrual cycle of women. A hormonal imbalance can cause numerous physiological effects and can require medical care. The phytocannabinoid CBD has been found to promote equilibrium by acting indirectly on the endocannabinoid system of the body – a signaling network that modulates the different physiological processes of the body which includes hormone production, CBD oil contains CBD which interacts indirectly with the endocannabinoid receptors to promote homeostasis within the body.

CBD helps in the modulation of the discharge of the stress triggering hormone cortisol and curb hormonal imbalance. Additionally, when you intake hemp-derived CBD products, you receive omega fatty acids as well as gamma linolenic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid well-recognized for helping in regulating hormones.

Alleviates Pain : Chronic As Well As Nociceptive

CBD is a powerful analgesic that works as a potent painkiller and can mitigate pain beit chronic or nociceptive (physical impairment of tissue). Women have to counter various kinds of pain during their lifetime from menstrual pain to childbearing. As a matter of fact, women can tolerate pain more effectively than men due to the fact that they are required to bear more pain in contrast to men. At times, when aches and pain become unbearable, they can use CBD oil to assuage it. This plant cannabinoid is also useful in relieving neuropathic pain and treatment of general conditions like back pain and arthritis. CBD has also been found to raise the level of anandamide in the body, which is an endocannabinoid, associated with pain regulation, perception of pain and mood elevation.

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Management of Autoimmune Disorder

Out of five adults, one does suffer from an autoimmune disorder, and women constitute 75% of this category. The autoimmune illnesses that affect women most include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, lupus, and type 1 diabetes. The general cause behind these disorders is inflammation.

As CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory compound, it is a superb option for managing autoimmune disorders with no adverse effects. Research has indicated that CBD can aid suppress the production of inflammatory cells known as cytokines, which promotes change in the immune system reaction.

Maintains Low Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels can result in medical problems like heart attacks, and stiffening of the arteries. CBD oil causes an effect on lowering of the blood pressure and modulation of the uptake of lipids (fats) within the body in women. CBD attaches to receptors within the body that regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. Not to mention CBD being a potent anti-inflammatory and anxiety relieving medication.

An Excellent Beauty Aid

CBD infused beauty products from face cream, lip balm, moisturizers, and anti-aging serums are highly popular in the beauty circuit. When infused in shampoos, CBD can strengthen hair follicles, tones the skin and keeps it supple when applied as a skin lotion and improves skin health. A 2014 research indicated the ability of CBD to curb acne breakouts by controlling the production of oil by the sebaceous glands and decreasing skin inflammation. The skin receives its age-defying benefits from the anti-inflammatory and faster cell-repairing qualities of CBD. You can also use CBD topically for skin breakouts, rashes, psoriasis, and eczema.

Cibadol, a vertically integrated company with its GMP facility, and organic hemp farming sourced from Colorado farms, offers a wide range of full spectrum, broad spectrum, and THC free CBD oil in its collection of varying strengths and potencies.

Following the pure extraction process using the CO2 technique, the Full-Spectrum CBD tincture formulated with hemp oil yields a health-boosting profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and various phytonutrients so that you can experience a powerful entourage effect.

The CBD oil is infused in MCT oil to quickly absorb into your body so that you feel energized, and better. MCT oil with its antibacterial quality also increases the bioavailability of beneficial phytocannabinoids in this potent tincture to offer you a faster absorption of CBD It can also be mixed into smoothies, tea, or beverages. Every bottle contains 300mg of CBD that produces subtle, yet highly effective results.

 Cibadol – Full-Spectrum CBD Softgel Pills (900mg) can take care of your pain management, anxiety, and sleep disturbances and is an organic way to upkeep your health. Just like ordinary capsules, you can consume them discreetly, easy to carry whenever you are traveling, these CBD softgel pills can be swallowed with water or your preferred beverage. Just pop one in and allow these powerful phytocannabinoids to work synergistically to harmonize and maintain your body system and tissues.

Final Thoughts

CBD is said to alleviate conditions exclusive to women, and can be helpful in mitigating pain during PMS, restoring hormonal balance, maintaining body metabolism, easing cramps, keeping inflammation under check, and streamlines your body functioning so as to promote homeostasis.

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