CBD Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Want To Know

CBD Buyer’s Guide

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In recent times, the demand for CBD has surged as consumers are getting interested in its natural potential to heal inflammation, anxiety, improve sleep quality and mitigate chronic pain. This phytocannabinoid has made its way into cosmetic and beauty products and in food supplements mainly for its antioxidant qualities.  As research is still ongoing and some studies have revealed promising results by incorporating it into our regimen. Read on to know more about CBD Buyer’s Guide.

If you are interested in knowing what CBD is all about, this guide covers almost everything you are looking for. Explore the CBD forms you can purchase, the exact dosage to intake and the several CBD products available.


What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD Buyer’s
CBD Awake_Tablet


CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant that has been used for multiple purposes. Though THC is present in abundance, followed by CBD, there are 120 different kinds of cannabinoids housed within cannabis.

CBD does not produce the high or intoxicated feeling associated with THC. It has no mind-altering effects and has a high safety profile with no side-effects related to “getting high”. There is substantial evidence to show that CBD can help regulate the impact of THC.

Both these compounds have been used in different remedial treatments. Research has indicated the calming and anxiolytic potential of CBD.  Other beneficial effects of this healing plant compound relate to its anti-inflammatory and pain management effects.


Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD is not derived from any variety of cannabis plants but is present in specific varieties popularly known as the hemp plant. Almost 40% of the total cannabinoids which the hemp plant contains is CBD.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant in the form of oil and contains minimal quantities of THC. Whether you ingest or smoke CBD oil you will not get high. However, both hemp and marijuana plants belong to the cannabis family. The legality of these plants significantly varies.

In the United States, marijuana is listed at the federal level as a controlled substance and its legality is based on several factors which include the legal and legislative requirements of the state.

Due to this, at the federal level CBD products sourced from industrial hemp are legal and comply with the required regulations. The issue of concern is the content of THC in marijuana and hemp plants. All industrial hemp cultivated within the U.S. should contain THC levels below O.3% and similar regulations apply to all CBD products extracted from it.

CBD derived from hemp instead of a marijuana plant enjoys a 100% legal status and stands compliant with the regulations both at the federal and state level.

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What Dosage Should Be Taken?

With the availability of different dilutions, it gets tricky to find out where to start from. If you are a beginner to cannabis use, the prospect of choosing the perfect dosage can be challenging. CBD oil has various potencies and is offered in different strengths from 100 mg to 5000 mg. Therefore, the dosage you consume depends on the reasons for your consumption. The more severe the medical condition, the higher your recommended dosage would be.

What Does The Research Say?

Your appropriate dosage would be based on your body weight, height, and body chemistry. Some users respond well to minor doses, while others need a higher dose to attain the intended effects.

  • It is a viable strategy, to begin with, a smaller dose and slowly work the way up towards a higher dosage. This process is called the titration effect. If CBD oil has been advised by a medical practitioner, consult them for knowing the best possible dosage that will suit you. To arrive at an informed decision you should also acquaint yourself with terms like concentration versus dosage.
  • Like if you pick our 30 ml bottle that has 1000 mg of CBD it means that 1000 mg represents the total CBD content within the oil. This indicates that ingesting the complete bottle, delivers 1000 mg of CBD. This shows the product concentration. If everything remains the same, the higher the mg levels of CBD in a product, the greater is the concentration of that particular product.
  • So far as dosage is concerned, the same products can have dosing instructions. For instance, the CBD oil of 30 ml advises that your daily consumption of CBD oil should be 1ml. This means that there are 30 daily doses contained in the bottle, each dose delivering an average of 33.33 mg of the cannabinoid CBD (1000mg/ 30 servings).

If you know the amount of CBD you are intaking with every dose, you can figure out the proper dosage for your day-to-day needs.

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Different Types Of CBD

An important factor to consider while purchasing CBD is its type. The products are available in three types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD Isolate.


CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies


  • CBD Isolate is a highly refined product that you can purchase. It is 99.9% pure. It is best for those following strict instructions of dosage and experiencing some side effects from different hemp ingredients.
  • Full-spectrum CBD offers you the benefits of the whole hemp plant extracts. It is abundant in all cannabinoids including CBD and terpenes, minerals, fatty acids, and flavonoids derived from the hemp plant. It produces an entourage effect whereby the different plant ingredients synergize and work collectively to produce stronger benefits in contrast to the individual ingredients working separately.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products are in-between a full-spectrum and isolates. They include a substantial majority of the cannabinoids and other ingredients, but the process of refining removes THC traces. This makes it safer for ingestion for those users who need regular drug checking.


CBD Buyer’s Guide

Your prime priority should be to check the quality of CBD products you purchase. To get the intended effect, you should ensure that you are consuming a product that contains quality ingredients, is organically sourced, and follow the best CBD extraction and manufacturing techniques.

Although, this may appear like a no-brainer, is essential to note that do not be allured to the false marketing and claims of different CBD manufacturers. Though they make the same pitch and assertions about the efficacy of their products, the prices seem to fluctuate immensely. They also present their supporting documents and assumptions to prove their product legitimacy.

You should look for third-party tested lab certificates that support the claims and the use of ingredients. Terms like organic or non-GMO are safe indicators of high-quality and safety considerations taken towards product manufacturing. Read on to know more about CBD Buyer’s Guide:


Source Of Hemp Is Vital

Seek CBD products that are extracted from hemp grown on Colorado farms in the United States. The Agriculture Department of the U.S. follows stringent regulations in matters of hemp cultivation compared to different countries.

This guarantees that the production of hemp across U.S. soil is of superior quality, completely legal, and subscribes to federal regulations. It is not possible to know the regulations covering CBD products across other countries and taking a high risk in buying products extracted from global hemp.


The Price Criteria

Normally, CBD products carrying a premium price generally provide premium benefits and product quality. This arises from the fact that a company that caters to an innovative and high standard of production, quality hemp cultivation, extraction, processing, and refining requires to charge more compared to a mediocre brand. For instance, at Cibadol our prices are not at the high end but are not on the bottom either.

Issues crop up when poor product manufacturers try to mislead the consumers by placing a premium rate on their items, which are downright scams. This makes it essential to be very cautious while choosing where to purchase CBD.

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Where To Purchase CBD Products

There are various options for buying CBD products which include dispensaries and outlets for retail that specialize in wellness products if you do not like to wait for shipping. However, these products offered at dispensaries often do not come from credible manufacturers and do not possess the data that substantiates their claim. Often dispensaries house homemade CBD products which carry additional risks.


Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


Retail outlets do market items coming from reputable companies. Sometimes, it includes products that do not carry the required documentation. A safe option is the online retailers who can either be manufacturers selling their products at your doorstep directly via their online stores or retailers accumulate products from different manufacturers and provide special rebates and deals for buying products from them.

Purchasing a product straight from the producer or manufacturer is the safest bet to pick from as long as you search for lab reports and guarantee that they follow a sound manufacturing process.

At Cibadol, we apply a supercritical CO2 extraction process to provide pure, high-quality, and safe products. You can view our diverse range of CBD products from tinctures, pills, beverages, gummies, and topicals.

Final Thoughts On CBD Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best CBD product entails well-conducted research into different factors. The factors are product quality, the extraction process, the commitment of a brand towards transparency, lab-testing to ensure product purity, and proper labeling with information related to product size, serving size, batch number, or QR code. Be a wary buyer of CBD products so that you get the best deal worth your money.

We hope our article on CBD Buyer’s Guide is helpful for you. Let us know in the comments section below.

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