CBD Cranberry Cheese Bites : Enjoy This Favorite Holiday Treat

CBD Cranberry Cheese Bites

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CBD Cranberry Cheese bites are simple to prepare and certain to arouse the taste buds and amazing as holiday meals. When you bite into the creamy cheese with cranberry sauce oozing you will enjoy this delectable dish. You can savor it as a light dessert, a breakfast treat, or alongside your meal. Give a chance to the young cooks inside your home to bake this delicacy.

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CBD Cranberry Cheese Bites


Given below are the different ingredients used for preparing CBD Cranberry cheese bites:


How To Make CBD Cranberry Cheese Bites


CBD Cranberry Cheese Bites
Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture


  • Set your oven to a temperature of 375 degrees and place a cookie sheet containing parchment paper.
  • Combine the cream cheese with Cibadol’s CBD powder, jalapenos, and chives.
  • Spill the lemon juice on the cranberries and mix. Add some brown sugar and whisk till it is entirely covered.
  • Use a floured surface to lay out the dough and use a rolling pin to flatten it
  • Applying a pizza cutter, slice the dough into tiny cubes.
  • Place the cream cheese mixture with CBD into the middle portion of every square, fold and join every corner together, and put it over the biscuit slice
  • Bake till it is golden brown for at least ten minutes
  • Serve and enjoy


These orange-flavored cream cheese are instant heart stealers and the buttery external crust is a blissful treat. These festive-looking bite-sized miniature cream-filled snacks are sweet from the sauce of cranberry, rich with cream cheese, and melts in your mouth easily. The smoky taste of the chives makes these cheesy bites one of a kind and with little amounts, they do not make it over spicy.

A popular wellness snack, cranberries are abundant in phytonutrients, fiber, and antioxidants – vitamins C and E. The spicy peppers jalapenos are full of vitamins A plus C, potassium, vitamins B and K, and the antioxidant – carotene that combats cell damage.


Final Thoughts

Melt your anxiety and relax with the medicinal effects of CBD which also helps in pain management and boosts sound sleep. To get the optimal benefits of this plant compound, buy from reputable CBD manufacturers like Cibadol, whose products are created from organically grown hemp, extracted using pure extraction techniques, and lab tested for efficacy and purity. You can choose from their diverse range of CBD products from tinctures, isolate powder, and CBD soft gel pills besides a host of other products. Add a touch of CBD to your holiday spread with these yummy cranberry cheese bites created from a few ingredients.

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