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How Does CBD Oil Help With Dyslexia?

When we read anything, our brain joins letters to sounds and places in the correct order to make us understand them. People afflicted with dyslexia have problems processing numbers or words. It is a kind of learning disability that involves problem learning to read, even though they are sufficiently smart to learn. CBD has been researched to alleviate dyslexia symptoms and better cognitive function also. This article tells us more about CBD For Dyslexia and its therapy.


What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia comprises a learning disorder that happens in over 43 million Americans. Dyslexic persons have problems with writing and reading due to a disjoin with the left hemisphere of the brain. People having dyslexia tend to show wonderful brain activity in the lower frontal regions of the brain vs the back brain systems.

There is a disjoint between the words they see versus the sound made by those words. They have hardships with phonics.

A dyslexic person can see the word “through” and comprehend the meaning of the word, but upon reading it out loud, they might mention “though” instead.

On account of this disjoin, people having dyslexia frequently become frustrated when they need to read loudly to others or write just a small paragraph. They become embarrassed and are tough on themselves, or a few of them could become ridiculed by others. This only increases stress on the brain and renders it even harder for them to concentrate, which conversely, increases anxiety.

The fact of the matter is people, having dyslexia possess moderate to high intelligent levels. Though they might not conceive this way about themselves as a result of their dyslexia, studies display that patients with Dyslexis can still be better readers than non-dyslexic persons.


Causes Of Dyslexia

CBD For Dyslexia
Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures


Dyslexia is believed to run in families. The condition is stated to have an association with genes. A child is more likely to contract dyslexia if his parents, siblings, or different family members have it.

It is linked to how your brain processes learning and reading along with various risk factors existing in the environment.

Risk factors of dyslexia comprise:

  • Low birth weight or premature birth
  • Family history or some other learning disability
  • Brain level variations
  •  Exposure to nicotine, drugs, or infection that may harm the development of the brain in the fetus in pregnancy
  • Cognitive level differences

CBD or cannabidiol is believed to aid alleviate anxiety. Studies have also shown CBD can aid alleviate dyslexia symptoms and also improve memory.

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How Does CBD Help With Dyslexia?

CBD can aid to relax dyslexic persons to the stage where their anxiety does not interfere with their learning. More frequently than not, the nervousness and anxiety of writing and reading will conversely render it still harder for dyslexic people to boost their writing and reading skills.

When a dyslexic person consumes CBD, it will alleviate his or her anxiety with regard to writing and reading. When they are less anxious concerning it, they would work better.

A few benefits of CBD oil for dyslexia include:

  • Improves sleeping
  • Healing features for the brain
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Functions as a neuroprotectant

A natural and extremely potent way to aid your child in combat dyslexia is by administering him CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol comprises a cannabinoid that is sourced from the hemp plant and is recognized for its multiple medicinal and therapeutic qualities like in treating pain, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, ADHD, and numerous chronic health issues. This cannabinoid is entirely non-psychoactive and without any side effects also.

Likewise, CBD can even aid a person cope with dyslexia. This compound will not heal dyslexia but will better plenty of symptoms that a child with dyslexia may face. Among the most popular dyslexia symptoms may be Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome. Persons with ADHD find it hard to remain attentive and focus on things that are similar to what occurs in dyslexia. It can also manifest in adults like fatigue, forgetfulness, or disorganization.


What Does The Research Say?

CBD For Dyslexia
Broad-Spectrum Mint CBD Tincture


A study exhibited that adults having ADHD who self-medicate with CBD witness a decrease of a few of the symptoms of ADHD. Nonetheless, the evidence is not conclusive and further studies are required.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 50 percent of children affected with ADHD also suffer from a learning disorder like dyslexia. Scientific evidence reports that CBD can prove to be successful in treating ADHD. It aids in bettering ADHD symptoms like restlessness, hyperactivity, besides more. Children affected with dyslexia also encounter anxiety which makes it hard for them to focus.

CBD has been examined to aid with the symptoms of anxiety. A case study done in 2016 mentioned that CBD may aid with anxiety and sleep issues in children. Dyslexia also makes it tough for a child to focus on words and letters. They also find it hard to master things correctly and even though they do, they tend not to remember what they have learned. CBD constitutes a viable alternative that can aid in bettering your child’s concentration together with learning power. It will relax his mind and let him concentrate still more on his studies.

Brain level variations can also lead to dyslexia. Thankfully, organic supplements such as CBD can aid in better brain functioning also.

The benefits of CBD concerning the brain comprise:

  • Functioning as a neuroprotectant
  • Exerts a healing effect on brain damage
  • Betters sleep by lowering brain fog
  • Improves focus by reducing stress


Find The Best CBD Product For Dyslexia

Cibadol was designed to offer an additional strength supplement line of CBD. Their products are non-GMO, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. Their hemp is grown in Colorado, that’s approved by the Colorado Department of Agricultural and OMRI organic, utilizing specifically organic soil amendments. They constantly scrutinize and better their processes to conform to all regulations and surpass quality standards. In an endeavor to present the best standards of CBD, they breed their own genetics, grow their own hemp crops, extract their own CBD, and manufacture their products in their cGMP-authorised production facility.

Cibadol’s line of premium CBD oils includes CBD Tincture which seeks to insert a drop of wellness containing CO2 drawn full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD Oil Sleep Tablets 900 mg which act as a natural sleep aid containing chamomile, melatonin, and cannabinoids that act synergistically to improve equilibrium among bodily systems and keep homeostasis throughout.



If you are looking for an effective wholesome solution for treating the symptoms of dyslexia in your child, low potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures offering low dosages can be a viable alternative. CBD oils and tinctures can address the symptoms of dyslexia ranging from sleep disorders, elevated stress, and anxiety levels.

Research has also supported the potential of CBD in raising glutamate and serotonin levels within the body which helps in the regulation of the brain functioning and alleviating mood, besides influencing memory and learning. By generating homeostasis in these neurotransmitters CBD can further promote healthy brain function which can be helpful in dyslexia.

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