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CBD May Help Boost Cognitive Performance In Gamers

Intense gaming can help in enhancing your cognitive skills and decision-making. You may be playing Candy Crush or PUBG, but research does support that video games can boost your cognitive power related to concentration, perception, and decision-making. This immersive 3-D gaming can involve the hippocampus region of the brain which is connected with memory and complex learning. Such engaging gaming generates stress, but studies reveal that CBD (cannabidiol) can lower anxiety and various factors that downplay your digital aptitude.

Most people know about the psychoactive effects and the capacity to impair the cognitive working of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). More precisely, it can actually deteriorate brain logistics that are vital to gaming, for instance, primary motor regulation for intricate tasks such as organizing, taking decisions, planning, and finding solutions.

However, CBD does not produce such cognitive impairment and has been found to promote brain health, both mental precision and function in various positive ways. Many investigators are exploring the potential of CBD to scale down the symptoms of health problems without any psychoactivity which actually helps in brainpower.

Accordingly, gamers who face a particular health disorder such as fears and anxiety,  find themselves more calm and relaxed while playing video games by taking CBD oil.

Still, what is our understanding of the cognitive-improving effects of CBD? And in what way do these effects relate to gamers? We urge you to come with us as we find the solutions to these queries.


Why Cognitive Functioning Is Important For Gaming?


CBD For Gamers
CBD For Gamers


Before we take a plunge into CBD, it is vital to know the way the brain functions when we take part in video games. Games are also like addictions, and addictions work just like the reward mechanism of the brain. The reward system negotiates how pleasing stimuli such as social interaction, the existence of food, or video games in our casework are a positive booster for behavior. After your brain gets exposed to pleasurable things, it wants more and video games are definitely no exception.

Your brain responds to external stimuli which have a lot to do with the kind of information it is processing. A large part of the video games presents similar stimuli including high speeds, visual perception, and unpredictability. These attributes can raise brain activity in areas linked to arousal, anxiety, and emotional response.

Action real-time planning games such as World of Warcraft, and Age of Empires are favorites for millions. These games which are won through sensorimotor skills, key planning, teamwork, and selective attention present significant challenges to the brain.

Seasoned players of games like real-time strategy perform quicker information processing, better visual stimuli, and divide cognitive assets between subsequent stimuli more efficiently across time. Research does support that gaming can enhance cognitive development such as excellent memory, eye-to-hand agility, and higher response to contrasts. Playing these games can result in long-term alterations within the brain and an enhancement in visual selective attention.

Though a lot of research exists, it is also a well-endorsed fact that the time frame of a gaming period has a great part to play in the effects of a video game upon the brain, All the more, the lengthier the gaming session, the more are the negative features that start to appear such as sleep disorders, and anxiety.

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Ways CBD Interacts With The Brain While Gaming


CBD For Gamers
CBD For Gamers


To start with, there is no specific understanding of how CBD communicates with the brain. Using neuroimaging studies, we are able to know the marked changes that occur while taking a CBD product. Among them, the prominent ones are a rise in brain activity and alterations in blood flow in brain regions that are generally connected with anxiety. Moreover, CBD also influences the connectivity patterns when you are performing cognitive work or in a resting position.

Furthermore, particularly it was found that CBD improves emotional processing within the frontotemporal, regulates neural responses to emotion and cognitive tasks in the medial temporal cortex as well as the stratum, and improves response inhibition within the limbic-stratal. In addition, this plant compound also enhanced verbal memory and visual/auditory processing within the temporo-occipital. These mechanisms are vital to gaming to a certain extent.

Moreover, research indicated that CBD was more effective in modulating these processes compared to THC. All these findings complement the study on the effects of CBD on certain psychiatric conditions, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and autism. As a gamer, you can feel its short-term effects in improving cognition, which can be more useful in the long term as it can help to destress and ease various stressors you might be experiencing. As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, CBD can lower inflammation or concentration of free radicals within the brain. Such inflammation or deposition of free radicals can cause a lack of focus and memory loss.

To know how CBD can boost the psyche of a gamer, take a look at these health benefits you can reap when you include it in your daily routine:


Reduces Stress And Various Psychological Disorders

Out of the most important facet of CBD studies, is its therapeutic ability to improve certain mental conditions. Certainly, not all video games player battle with such disorders. Still, it is sound to state that every competitive game does generate some stress levels that hamper their potential to perform adequately.

A review hinted that specific areas of the brain linked with anxiety behaviors were curtailed when the participants consumed CBD. More particularly, CBD was effective in decreasing “amygdala activation and altered medial prefrontal amygdala connectivity.”

This is to understand that if a video game raises anxiety, CBD has the potential to lower the said anxiety during gaming. Besides, if you are coping with a mental condition, it is possible that it is resulting in higher stress and difficulty in focusing. For instance, if you are battling depression for a long time, the problem can affect your memory and focus, making it hard to process information and taking decisions. If you start to take CBD for depression, it can boost your cognitive performance gradually.

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Enhances Your Sleep Quality

Does your gaming continue till late at night? If so, in that case, it is interfering with your restorative sleep quality. You are not the only one as many gamers face various problems involving quality sleep and night rest.

What matters is that sleep is core to cognitive development. The more sleep issues crop up, the higher the chances of the neurons of the brain getting overstrained. As a result, this can impair sharp thinking, and slacken your reaction time and your cognitive capacity to adjust to new environments. Additionally, your capacity of processing emotional details also suffers.

These effects of sleeplessness can impact your gaming abilities. Taking CBD for sleep issues can be helpful in improving your sleep quality and also your cognitive potential. Some of the studies have delved into the aspect of taking CBD as a sleep aid and the way in which it influences sleep. CBD does not cause sleepiness but eases symptoms linked with sleep deficiency. For instance, if you are suffering from anxiety, the potential of CBD to manage anxiety can make it easy to get restful sleep at night.

You find the best CBD products that work as a sleep aid incorporated with natural ingredients that support relaxation such as ashwagandha or melatonin.

When you are taking CBD products to enhance your sleep quality and want to obtain the optimum benefits, you can try the deep sleep-promoting CBD tincture containing melatonin from Cibadol – a top-quality CBD brand with their proprietary CBD extraction and manufacturing process from seed to sale.


Mitigation In Joint, Muscle, And Back Pain


CBD For Gamers
full spectrum CBD


It cannot be dismissed that gaming for long hours can result in exertion on the body and can result in back pain together with joint and muscle pain. Gaming can lead to pain in the hands, fingers, and arms. CBD can work as an analgesic and lower pain and inflammation across the body, making them less distracting. Therefore, if you include CBD side by side with your stretches, workouts, and other therapies for pain, you can feel the difference.

To deal with such types of pain, it is best to apply a CBD topical that targets specific regions of the body. These CBD salves, balms, and creams also use menthol, a natural cooling ingredient that works as a counterirritant to alleviate the pain sensation. Both CBD plus menthol are applied to mitigate swelling and activate the nerve receptors that communicate with the body to transmit pain relief in the affected region.

CBD pain relief creams and topicals from Cibadol are formulated with olive oil, jojoba seed oil, grapefruit peel oil, ginger root oil, and lemongrass oil and help in easing pain and inflammation.

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Confers An Overall Sense Of Wellness

If you experience good health and wellness, you are more likely to bolster every facet of your life. Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays an integral role in the physiological processes such as immune response, metabolism, memory, appetite, perception of pain, mood regulation, and sleep.

Researchers hold that CBD helps to stimulate the ECS system and promotes the capacity of the body to achieve homeostasis. All this helps to achieve a sense of wellness and balance in the lives of CBD users.


Final Thoughts On CBD For Gamers

Presently, we cannot infer the direct effect of CBD in promoting cognitive development in gamers. Although neuroimaging reveals the cognitive ability of CBD for gamers, research is still ongoing. Still, we can assume the potential of CBD to help in various spheres of life that improve cognition and in cognitive processes like working memory, focus, and executive functions. As a mood controller, CBD keeps you calm and relaxed, sending signals to the ECS to temper down the cells and improve your cognitive responses to make your gaming experience a win-win situation.

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