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Can CBD help with PCOS?

PCOS, also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome affects a lot of women in today’s world. In the USA, it is the main cause of infertility in most women. The imbalance in the hormones affects 1 in 5 women. Although science has understood the medical effects of PCOS but failed to understand how it can be fully cured. Since the cysts that are formed in ovaries are not visible hence we have the set of symptoms but do not know the disease. People are nowadays are turning to natural supplements like CBD for PCOS to alleviate it’s symptoms.



Although as we all know the symptoms vary in different women. Most of the time the symptoms overlap from the other diseases also which also confuses the patients to discover the specific symptoms. But there are a few symptoms that can be experienced by the majority of the women:

  1.   Irregular periods
  2.   Weight gain
  3.   Growth on the body hair
  4.   Baldness on the front head
  5.   Fertility issues
  6.   Sleeping disorder
  7.   The onset of the acne
  8.   Pain in the pelvic region or lower abdomen
  9.   Mood disorders
  10.   Constant headaches

Most of the women keep a regular journal to track their symptoms and effects that occur with the onset of PCOS. This directly helps them to find the symptoms and tell the medical practitioner so that the effects can be reduced by the proper medication.



The researchers are unable to identify the exact cause of PCOS. although it is agreed that PCOS is related to endocrine disorder which is primarily a hormonal disorder.


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The body functions with a set of functions done by various hormones and organs. But when one function or hormone doesn’t respond the way they are supposed to then the hormones can unbalance themselves in the process.

This leads to the production of a loop of hormonal imbalance which will lead to the start of the causes and effects of PCOS.


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Cannabidiol is the name of the chemical in the cannabis plant. Since there is more or less no research on PCOS, most people use CBD oil to treat it.  The basic work of CBD oil is that it helps in maintaining the body’s hormones.

The researchers have not fully found out that CBD for PCOS can really help. but when people start using the oil regularly they tend to find slow and gradual results when their body hormones are slightly balanced out.

The researchers have found out that CBD oil has reduced the effects of depression, anxiety, insulin reduction which are also the hormones affected by PCOS.


Various Benefits Of CBD Oil For PCOS


Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture
Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture


With research analysis, it is not possible to answer the question of how CBD affects every woman to cure PCOS. It is generally maintained and researched that CBD helps in balancing various hormones in the body. It helps indirectly control mood swings, extreme appetites, blood pressure, and many more.

It appears in many circumstances that it helps in improving the function of the reproductive organ in women. Although it has not yet been properly studied, it has been found that it does have some positive effects on the body. Helps in regulation of insulin and blood sugar level

During the PCOS the insulin levels are hiked to a great extent which we have seen in the case of the PCOS also. CBD has some key factors which help in reducing the blood sugar levels in persons who don’t have PCOS. Therefore, it is considered to be beneficial for women with PCOS syndrome.

1. CBD Oil Helps In Weight Loss

Women who have PCOS generally fail to lose the required circle because of the vicious circle of irregular hormones. So, we can say that PCOS can also cause weight gain. CBD helps in slowing down the sugar levels and controlling your dye, which gives the body the ability to burn excess fat.

2. CBD Helps In Reducing Anxiety Levels

PCOS results in increasing the anxiety levels in most women. The stress can be related to the syndrome itself or due to the changes experienced in the body. With CBD oil many people have described that they have felt a reduction of their anxiety symptoms even when they don’t have this syndrome.

3. Helps In Reducing Pain

Most women experience acute pain in their lower abdomen during PCOS and the use of CBD oil helps in reducing pain for them. Since the pain felt by most women is so acute that only use of the oil will help in reducing it.


Final Thoughts On CBD For PCOS

In other words, CBD for PCOS helps to regulate it’s symptoms in a fairly indirect way and therefore offers a number of benefits to women dealing with PCOS symptoms.

Women should consult their medical experts before they start using CBD oils regularly. The PCOS symptoms usually overlap with a lot of the diseases. The problem is to find the exact cure for all in one single approach.

Since there are lots of symptoms, there have to be many different ways to treat them. Most women have felt relief of some kind with the constant use of CBD oil which has led to believe that it will be beneficial for treating PCOS.

Some of the research has suggested that CBD oil is beneficial for the concerned women against the effects of PCOS. Although thorough research is needed in the area to fully help the women suffering from PCOS. Women should take care of their bodies as they want but they should take medical guidance for the same and then use the oil regularly.

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