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CBD For Pets: A whole New World Of Supplements

There’s been a lot of news lately about cannabidiol (CBD), the chemical compound in cannabis that doesn’t get you high. There’s also been a lot of news about how CBD has the potential to help our pets, and Pure Pet is part of that movement.

“Having a line of CBD supplements just for pets is pretty revolutionary,” says Andy Rodosevich, who with partner Luke Pickering started Pure Pet in 2015.

“Considering all the reasons that humans now want to take CBD it makes sense to have CBD pet products that are specifically formulated and flavored for animals.”

Pure Pet CBD comes from hemp, not marijuana, and is manufactured with the same high-quality CBD extract used by its parent company, Hemp Depot, for its other products.

It is naturally sourced from farms that have strict organic farming practices – and it is extracted from the Otto II strain of hemp, which contains the purest and highest CBD ratio available.

“We’re hearing about companies in this market that are grinding up hemp stalks and simply placing that powder in pills, which means hardly any CBD of value,” notes Rodosevich. “Our hemp stalks go into the compost pile. We produce all of our Pure Pet products with the same quality ingredients and full spectrum hemp oil that goes into our consumer line.”

Pure Pet CBD supplements are available in pill, oil or tincture form; which allows for an uncomplicated and consistent dosage. They also come with pet-friendly flavorings that can be easily added to your friend’s treats or food.

Dosing suggestions for your pet are on the Pure Pet packaging. “Our average, baseline dosage is for a medium sized pet,” says Andy. “But you can customize that dosage to suit your pet’s size and condition.”

(Our staff is also available if you have any questions regarding CBD, dosage and how best to use the Pure Pet line; see the ‘Contact’ information on this web site.)

The study of CBD and its possible health benefits are still in their early stages, but consumers around the world are starting to appreciate what hemp-derived CBD can do for themselves and their animal companions.

“It’s very gratifying to hear from our customers, especially when they talk about how our CBD supplements have worked to improve the quality of life for their pets,” says Rodosevich.

“We expect that, once people become accustomed to CBD pet products, that Pure Pet will become a familiar product line in pet stores and veterinary clinics across the United States.”

We invite you to join the thousands of pet owners who have come to trust our products and rely on us for the most standardized, highest-quality, naturally-derived CBD available from hemp.

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