CBD Capsules As A Post Workout Recovery

CBD For Post-Workout Recovery

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a remarkable phenomenon touted for non-intoxication qualities and health benefits. There are numerous ways to take CBD, and their consumption depends on individual needs and interests. The young generation favors inhaling CBD via vaping devices, and adults prefer ingesting CBD oil in their diet or using them sublingually. Among various CBD variants, other desirable form is pills and capsules. Oral capsules deliver CBD to your system through the digestive tract and liver processing. Using them for fitness and post-workout recovery is a great idea.

What are CBD capsules? These are CBD oil-containing tablets that you can swallow like regular medicine with water. They are safer and more convenient than many of their counterparts. You can add them to your workout regimen for better strength and quick recovery. Read on to know how CBD works for enthusiastic fitness people.


Workout Recovery Process

CBD For Post-Workout Recovery
CBD For Post-Workout Recovery

High-impact exercises are beneficial for overall body fitness. An exercise program must include recovery because it enables the body to adapt to the stress of your workout. It replaces the energy resources in the muscles and gives the bodily tissue time to heal. Overall, it strengthens the body and aids in physical and mental recovery.

The time it takes for your muscles to recover after exercise varies depending on your fitness levels and the complexity of your activity. The duration, volume, and intensity of your workout affect how taxing it is on your body. A relatively light training may allow your muscles to recuperate 24 hours, whereas a more challenging workout may take two to three days. Significantly strenuous activities may take even longer.

Other factors that can have an impact on your recovery time include:

  • Sleep quality
  • Amount of nutrition
  • Stress level
  • Targeted muscles

Giving your body enough time to repair entirely after a workout is necessary.

Whether your exercises involve multiple muscle groups or a near-maximal effort, your muscles wear and tear while exercising. They can tolerate the damage that occurs during exercise only during recovery. If you do not allow your muscles a chance to rest and recover, you run the danger of injuring yourself. These days, many people are turning to CBD for post-workout recovery.

According to a 2021 study, the potential use of CBD as an ergogenic aid to improve the efficacy and efficiency of recovery processes during exercise is promising. The anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, analgesic, anxiolytic, and pain-relieving effects of CBD can speed up exercise recovery.

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Role Of CBD In Your Workout Recovery

CBD for post-workout recovery
CBD Isolate

A post-workout regimen will help maintain optimal energy levels, restore vitality, and achieve your fitness goals. We suggest adding CBD capsules into your routine to get the most out of it. A recent study overviews the effects of CBD supplementation on skeletal muscle regeneration after intensive resistance training. This study found that the compound substantially impacted muscle damage and squat performance recovery after 72 hours.

But the question is, how does CBD work for bodybuilders or athletes? It operates through the human ECS (endocannabinoid system). This biological system is an exemplary network of cannabinoid receptors, neurotransmitters, and enzymes. ECS networking is present in every organ system and controls many bodily functions. For example, immune response, body temperature, sleep-wake cycle, pain perception, and stress level.

CBD modulates ECS activity, ensuring optimal functioning. It produces more of its endogenous cannabinoids and helps slow down their breakdown. Endocannabinoids stay in the bloodstream for extended periods, facilitating ECS to use them more effectively. Research shows that ECS modulation by CBD is highly beneficial for overall health and wellness. It could even treat mental health conditions, cancer, spinal cord injury,  autoimmune diseases, and movement disorders.

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Benefits Of Taking CBD Capsules For Fitness

CBD For Post-Workout Recovery
CBD For Post-Workout Recovery

ECS could suffer from deficiencies due to workouts, causing body aches and pains. CBD boosts ECS functioning and ensures the body remains in homeostasis. Many athletes and celebrities worldwide use CBD-based products to reach their workout goals faster. Some prefer oils and tinctures, while many opt for CBD capsules. Let us discuss how the cannabinoid could help you in your workout routine.


Reduces Stress

When your body is under stress, you expend more energy and achieve lower outcomes. Anxiety affects the coordination and balance needed for many exercise reps, and CBD can help in such stressful conditions. By easing anxiety symptoms and promoting relaxation in your body, cannabidiol increases the intensity of workouts. It has the power to release the stress and tension that has built up in your neck, back, and shoulders. It makes your exercises more effective and your movements more fluid while maintaining accuracy.


Focus And Endurance

A great workout session requires both focus and endurance. You can impede your progress if you are not pushing yourself during exercise. CBD improves brain function and helps to relax your body functions more effectively. Besides enhancing cognitive and memory processes, it helps increase energy and focus. It keeps you away from unnecessary thoughts, so you can only give your best on the first chance. It also supports your ability to maintain this enhanced cognitive performance. You find yourself doing more for even more extended lengths of time than the recommended time limit. You can work out more quickly and accurately since your vision is clear.


Improves Sleep

Proper sleep is necessary for post-workout muscle recovery. If you wake up exhausted, it is more challenging to achieve your daily goals. Your muscles may be aching due to sleeping in an unusual position. Consuming a CBD capsule before bed improves your quality of sleep. There is less turning over in bed and a more peaceful night’s sleep. Your brain functions less while you sleep. Your body may put all of its attention into healing and cell growth.

Studies show that CBD has therapeutic potential for treating insomnia, REM sleep behavior disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness. It promotes healthy sleep and aids your body in recovering from the activities of the day. You will wake up on the right side of the bed, rested and ready for the day’s workout.


Is CBD Safe For Post-Workout Regimes?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers CBD safe for human consumption. In a study report, the WHO asserts that “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may result from drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.” Along with WHO approval, the FDA approved CBD as an alternate treatment for epilepsy. Like any other CBD-infused product, CBD capsules have a safe profile.

These capsules come in a pill bottle like any other ordinary pill capsule. They are available in two primary forms:

  • Hard-shelled Capsules

These are capsules with a hard, rigid shell that contains CBD in the form of a powder or pellet.


  • Soft gel Capsules

These soft-shelled capsules are filled with carrier oil like MCT, coconut, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil. Regardless of their type, capsules may contain other medicinal herbs and substances along with CBD. Some ingredients could complement CBD content and enhance its potency, while others may not. So, always check the ingredient list and lab testing reports to ensure CBD intake is safe and non-allergic. Medically approved CBD capsules will allow your body to function at its peak efficiency, making it easier to perform your daily activities.

Like CBD edibles, capsules take an oral route, meaning the digestive system breaks them down before they enter the bloodstream. Since delivery takes some time, it will take up to two hours to kick in. Although the benefits take longer to manifest, they persist longer and deliver a fixed dose with each consumption. Overall, the features of CBD capsules are:

  • Easy to administer
  • Portable and discrete
  • Consistent dose
  • Added content- gelatin and glycerine
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Non-psychoactive and non-addiction
  • Quick muscle recovery
  • Sleeping aid
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation

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Conclusion: CBD For Post-Workout Recovery

CBD can make your workout better and more intense if you use it correctly. If you are using CBD for the first time, start with a 10mg CBD capsule for a few days. Track the effects, then increase the dose when you feel ready. Swallowing a softgel offers an easy and quick way to enjoy CBD. However, be sure the CBD oil capsules are of good quality. The best place to purchase high-quality CBD softgels is from a reputable supplier. A reputed vendor will ensure that their product is hemp-derived with less than 0.3% THC. They will also provide a certificate of analysis (COA), verifying the product quality by a third party.

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