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Can CBD Help With Sciatica Pain?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has become quite popular over the years. An ever-increasing number of individuals are seeking CBD for its numerous potential benefits. This is because CBD is natural and has practically no side effects on the body. On the other hand, the usage of over-the-counter prescriptions can have some extreme, unwanted side effects. To avoid these side effects and to avail of the potential therapeutic benefits, people are now turning to CBD. It helps get rid of pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, depression, and several other health issues. So, the question is that can CBD help with Sciatica Pain?

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that influences the nerves running from the lower back to the legs. The sciatic nerve gets damaged bringing about sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve branches from the lower back, reaching out through the hips to the legs. It regularly affects only a single leg, and the pain comes with numbness, weakness, and tingling. It can meddle with your regular movements, as the legs and feet feel generally weak. Sciatica pain can likewise be increased by some basic activities, for example, coughing, and sneezing as the sciatic nerve gets affected by sudden movements. Most of the time, sciatica is a brief condition that keeps lasts between 4 to about a month and a half. However, there are a few examples where it might last longer.


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Given below are the different causes of sciatic nerve pain:

  • Bone spurs (jabbed edges of bone) can mature in aging spines and compress lower back nerves is known as Osteoarthritis.
  • Contusion to the lumbar spine or sciatic nerve.
  • The occurrence of Tumors in the lumbar spinal canal compresses the sciatic nerve.
  • Degenerative disk disease is the everyday wear down of the disks between vertebrae of the spine. The wearing out of the plates reduces their height and makes the nerve passageways narrower (Spinal Stenosis). Spinal Stenosis usually pinches the sciatic nerve roots as they leave the spine.
  • Spinal Stenosis is usually defined as the unusual narrowing of the spinal channel. This narrowing diminishes the available space for the spinal rope and nerves.

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Cauda Equina Syndrome is referred to as a severe condition that affects the bundle of nerves present at the end of the spinal cord known as Cauda Equina. It causes pain in the legs, numbness around the anus, and bowel and bladder control loss.


Given below are the different symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain:

  • Moderate to severe pain in the lower back, butt cheek, and down the leg.
  • Deadness or weakness in your lower back, butt cheek, leg, or feet.
  • Pain that deteriorates with movement; zero movements.
  • “A tingling sensation” in your legs, toes, or feet.
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control (because of cauda equina).

Using CBD For Sciatica

Taking CBD triggers the endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the CBD receptors, CB1 and CB2.  In addition, it signals your body’s organs and different frameworks to restore homeostasis. Hence, reducing the over-reaction” of your body which triggers pain and inflammation.

The impact of CBD for individuals who battle with sciatica. This was tested in a 2019 study by the journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. During this test, analysts tried the effects of CBD on sciatic nerve wounds in mice. The outcomes presumed that CBD was indeed somewhat successful in reducing pain. There is significantly more examination that should be led later on, yet this was a promising beginning.

Final Thoughts

CBD helps in getting rid of the symptoms of sciatica pain. Several studies conducted by the researchers prove that usage of CBD might help in alleviating the symptoms of sciatica pain.

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