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The Next Big Thing In CBD For Shingles: What Does The Research Say

Shingles are undesirable, as the majority of viral infections. This is predominantly due to its painful and blistery rash. If you have been afflicted with shingles, you will know it is torturous, almost madness. The pain of a shingles outbreak can remain for months or even years in a few cases.

People use CBD for numerous ailments, including inflammation and pain, so it helps with shingles. We examine the research concerning CBD for shingles and present some CBD product suggestions under the undermentioned.


What You Need To Know About Shingles


CBD For Shingles
CBD Tincture


Shingles constitute a viral infection that results in a painful rash. It begins with a familiar feeling of being unwell and occasionally a tingling sensation or pain in one skin region, accompanied by a rash some days later. The blotchy rash can happen anywhere on the body, though it’s more common on the abdomen or chest on one side of the body. The blotches get itchy; red blisters improve and scab over with time.

A shingles eruption arises from the varicella-zoster virus, also known as chickenpox. When you acquire chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in your system for numerous years and gets revived when your immune system is compromised. The lowering of the immune system may be due to stress, other ailments, or treatment, like chemotherapy.

Shingles and chickenpox are not similar. Chickenpox comprises the initial infection, while shingles are a post chicken pox situation that generally revives after years. People who have already suffered from chickenpox are more prone to shingles.

Varicella-zoster comprises the virus that leads to the disease in the two conditions.

The rash generally resolves within four weeks, though shingles can permanently affect a few people. Almost 10 to 18% of people who acquire shingles will continue experiencing nerve pain much after the rash has culminated, as assessed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – also termed post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN).

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How To Know If You Have Shingles Or Simply An Allergic Skin Rash


cbd for shingles
CBD Tincture


Occasionally, shingles could be confused with other skin allergies or conditions like psoriasis or eczema. So, examining specific symptoms can assure you that you have been affected and seek the required medical attention.

Symptoms of shingles comprise:

  • Blisters that seem like a stripe on the left or right edge of the torso
  • Itching, pain, and tingling sensations start to develop on one side of the body.
  • Fluid-laden blisters that emerge in clusters and are red that grow in a stripe pattern
  • It might also arise on the forehead, face, or sometimes near the eyes. In this instance, consulting an ophthalmologist is extremely important, as a severe rash around the eye could impact vision.
  • People who have a feeble immune system might acquire a more extensive rash.
  • Fever, fatigue, headache, sensitivity to touch and pain, and stomach upset are some of the other related symptoms.

Vaccines aid in preventing shingles or at least decrease their severity. CDC suggests the recombinant zoster vaccine, Shingrix and Zostavax, in 2 doses, administered 2 to 6 months apart.

To combat shingles, doctors generally prescribe antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir. People also attempt to lessen their severity and duration with over-the-counter painkillers like lidocaine. In addition, self-care comprises: cleaning the blisters using a cold compress, oatmeal bath, administering calamine lotion, wearing loose clothing, and enclosing the affected region with sterile bandages. These self-care methods may aid in offering a temporary relief from sensitivity to pain or the seriousness of the painful red rash.


Can CBD Aid With Shingles?

Decades of research have demonstrated that using CBD can decrease inflammation, mainly by lowering concentrations of pro-inflammatory molecules termed cytokines and affecting the activity of immune system cells.

Likewise, many studies in rats have exhibited the analgesic effects of CBD. These effects may relieve shingles, rashes, pain, and underlying nerve inflammation.

Moreover, initial studies indicate that CBD may possess antiviral features:

  • CBD decreased the reproduction of the hepatitis C virus by 86% under lab conditions in a 2017 study
  • CBD counteracted the multiplication of lab-cultured skin cells infected with the Kaposi sarcoma-related herpesvirus (KSHV) in a 2012 study

Nevertheless, it’s hard to say if CBD has a direct antiviral impact on humans and the virus that creates shingles.

CBD may also indirectly aid shingles patients by lowering anxiety, insomnia, and depression, more prevalent in people with the condition. The  antidepressant, anxiolytic (anxiety-alleviating), and sleep-inducing effects of CBD have been seen in multiple studies, as noted in animals.


How Does CBD Act-On Shingles?


cbd for shingles
CBD Isolate


CBD oil for shingles has risen in popularity over current times. People are utilizing CBD For Shingles due to the numerous potential health benefits of CBD. Although the FDA does not analyze such products, many people do not fear trying them out anymore.

So, knowing how CBD and shingles associate would provide you the confidence of using CBD For Shingles and other probable skin infections.

Initially, we must point out that the Endocannabinoid System contained in people’s bodies is essential for aiding us to perceive pain. Its receptors will inform the brain about your pain sensitivity. In this case, it is a pain on account of skin inflammation.

More recent studies display that CBD includes cannabinoids that may assist with pain management and the lowering of inflammation. After you take CBD oil, it becomes attached to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), thereby suppressing the inflammation and pain caused by shingles.

Though the studies do not precisely point to aiding relieve shingles, we can find from studies how CBD may assist with inflammation. With the lowering of inflammation, shingles get more manageable. However, the same thing governs pain sensitivity.

Composed of endocannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and specific enzymes, the ECS controls metabolism, pain, the immune and nervous systems, and other essential processes to keep homeostasis – the optimal state of balance in the body.

CBD can sway the effects of our body’s endocannabinoids on the cannabinoid receptors. For example, CBD can lessen the breakdown of anandamide, one of the two primary endocannabinoids formed in our bodies.

Moreover, studies indicate that CBD can engage with numerous other systems and molecules involved in controlling inflammation and pain, comprising TRP channels, adenosine, the (NF)-ƙB pathway, PPAR𝛄 receptors.


What Does The Research Say?

Currently, no clinical research is available on the effects of CBD for shingles.

Nonetheless, multiple studies have displayed that CBD can alleviate pain and inflammation, playing a crucial role in the condition. For instance:

  • In a 2020 study, CBD oil improved pain and itchy and cold sensations in people having peripheral neuropathy, a kind of nerve pain.
  • In a 2018 study, transdermal CBD gel lessened pain in knee osteoarthritis people.
  • In a 2019 study, full-spectrum CBD oil aided chronic pain patients to lower their usage of painkillers and enhancing their life quality.
  • In a 2019 study of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory digestive ailment, CBD-laden cannabis extract decreased disease severity and enhanced life quality.


The Top-Notch CBD Products For Shingles

Cibadol has set its purity standards to assure the efficacy and quality of its extensive line of CBD products. However, for extending the advantages of cannabinoid therapy to their community members across the globe, vertical integration was essential to offer highly-effective products at the most economical pricing. So Cibadol took the initiative to rear their genetics, grow their hemp, design their proprietary extraction process and produce everything in their cGMP-authorized warehouse. They cultivate their genetics following stringent organic farming practices, and their hemp is forever non-GMO and bred with heavy CBD and low THC proportions.

Cibadol’s high-quality CBD products for shingles include tinctures, gummies, pills, beverages, and topicals.


Bottom Line

To sum up, CBD carries real potential in alleviating shingles, rashes, and pain. CBD acts by engaging with the endocannabinoid system and different molecules across the body, aiding reduce inflammation and pain on several fronts.

While there are multiple ways to employ CBD, the most nuanced approach for shingles is to mix a topical CBD product with an oral CBD oil, particularly in affected regions. Nevertheless, there are no studies analyzing CBD’s effects and the sole evidence available right now emerges from anecdotal reports. Therefore, strict, placebo-controlled clinical trials are required to validate the usage of CBD for shingles.

Still, given its outstanding safety, there’s no danger in affording CBD a try, especially when traditional medication fails to offer the preferred relief.

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