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Does CBD Help Spinal Stenosis

CBD is fast emerging as a popular and beneficial therapeutic agent. This is due to the growing number of medical benefits offered by the compound. It helps in alleviating minor health issues like nausea, insomnia, migraines, and many more. It is also being employed by people to treat acute and chronic health issues. One such health issue is Spinal Stenosis. This condition causes chronic pain in the rear back and neck and is extremely hard to heal. Hence, people nowadays prefer compounds like CBD for Spinal Stenosis.

CBD for spinal stenosis acts on the root cause underlying the condition and aids in treating it since it is a natural analgesic, a potent anti-inflammatory agent and contains neuroprotective qualities. 



What Is Spinal Stenosis?

CBD Oil For Spinal Stenosis
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Spinal Stenosis signifies the constriction of the regions within the spine. This places pressure upon the nerves which move through your spine. It is a popular condition and causes pain, cramping, weakness, and numbness in the regions where the narrowing occurs.

Furthermore, these symptoms can deteriorate with time. The most popular cause underlying this condition is the wear tear within the spine in persons afflicted with Osteoarthritis.


Different Kinds Of Spinal Stenosis

There are 2 main kinds of spinal stenosis. These are categorized according to the region in the spine where this condition happens. These comprise:

  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: This comprises an extremely popular type leading to rear back pain. In this kind, the contraction happens in the spine occurring in the rear back.
  • Cervical Spinal Stenosis: It happens when the spinal canal that safeguards the neck constricts due to degenerative changes or trauma.


Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

The symptoms and signs of this condition start gradually and get worse with time. Some might not experience any symptoms at all, so, they must get an MRI scan performed. The symptoms of spinal stenosis differ based on the region where thinning of the spine has happened.


What Leads To Spinal Stenosis

Some people are born with a tiny spinal canal termed congenital stenosis. Mostly this condition happens when something constricts the open space within your spine. Some reasons for spinal stenosis may be.


Does CBD For Spinal Stenosis Work?

CBD for spinal stenosis can be helpful in its symptomatic management by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors, TRPV-1 vanilloid receptors, and serotonin receptors.

In a 2014 study posted in the British Journal of Pharmacology, CBD was discovered to restrict chemotherapy-caused neuropathic pain. The researchers found that the pain-mitigating and anti-inflammatory potential of CBD can be generated in part by its interaction with the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A.


CBD Tablets
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CBD can also reduce pain signals by communicating with the TRPV-1 vanilloid receptors that are sensitive to pain signals. A 2012 research presented in Pharmaceuticals identified a strong association between autoimmune conditions, inflammation, and TRPV1 cells. This backs the assumption that the impact of CBD on TRPV1 receptors can help in easing pain signals and preventing inflammation.

This healing phytocannabinoid can also help the system balance its endocannabinoid insufficiency. CBD not only signals the ECS to generate its endocannabinoids but also works as a deterrent to the enzymes that cause its breakdown. A higher amount of endocannabinoids such as the bliss molecule or anandamide is linked to improved stress response and elevated pain threshold.


Stacked With Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Spinal stenosis occurs due to pre-existing inflammatory responses, which can be relieved by applying CBD oil. Clinical research has found the potential of CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent as it can help in lowering the levels of cytokines which are pro-inflammatory cells, curb T cell distribution and causes its death, and brings down the migration of immune cells. Cannabinoids can act as immune-suppressive agents and can be useful in regulating auto-immune and inflammatory conditions.


 Promotes Bone Growth And Fights Osteoporosis

Aging figures as a major cause of spinal stenosis. The spine is composed of vertebrae which is an arrangement of bones that provide stability and also support for the upper body. With aging the body undergoes a degenerative process where the bones get enlarged, spinal tissues start to thicken which results in nerve pressure. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can contribute to spinal stenosis as the resulting inflammation resulting from them can put pressure across the spinal cord.

Research has supported the bone and fractures healing properties of CBD along with its potential to accelerate bone growth and bone density. This is due to the cannabinoids working on the receptors within the endocannabinoid system to create bone formations. Studies have also shown the existence of a skeletal endocannabinoid process that functions directly with the bones.


Applying CBD Oil For Spinal Stenosis

A common sign of spinal stenosis is recurrent back pain. You can use CBD topicals to alleviate the pain by applying directly on the localized inflamed region. If spinal stenosis originates due to past or current ongoing inflammatory responses, it can be eased using CBD tinctures or oil. It can be effective in lowering inflammation and provide relief in symptoms triggered by nerve-associated conditions for instance neuropathy. Moreover, intake of CBD oil can be helpful in mitigating sensory, numbness motor weakness, and feelings of tingling caused by spinal stenosis.


CBD Isolate Tincture
CBD Isolate Tincture


Along with managing inflammatory conditions, CBD oil can be beneficial in easing anxiety and managing insomnia, caused by Spinal Stenosis.

Purchasing high-quality CBD products from manufacturers who cultivate organic hemp in their U.S. farms, following high-grade extraction techniques, carrying out third-party lab testing of their products, and mentioning their COA reports on their official sites are some of the factors to consider while choosing your CBD products

Cibadol sources their CBD products from their in-house grown cGMP manufacturing facility and are cultivated in their individual Colorado farms. A vertically integrated company, Cibadol produces high-grade all-organic CBD products from oils, tinctures, isolates, gels, pills, gummies to topicals that match up to optimal purity and standards of efficacy.


Final Thoughts

CBD helps in alleviating the symptoms of health issues such as Spinal Stenosis. It can be used as an adjunct therapy or complementing other treatments for patients suffering from spinal stenosis. CBD can be highly effective due to its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, neuroprotective, analgesic,  bone growth, and healing properties.

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