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How To Reduce Stress Incontinence With CBD

Whether it’s an abrupt urge to get to the bathroom or uncontrolled urine leaks at bad times, the absence of bladder control can be disconcerting. Moreover, it can adversely affect lives and associations. There are multiple causes and various forms of urinary incontinence.


Stress Incontinence – An Overview


CBD For Stress Incontinence
CBD For Stress Incontinence


Stress incontinence constitutes the failure to manage your inclination to urinate within specific circumstances. It’s an awkward and serious disorder that can result in social isolation. The slightest pressure applied to the bladder and abdomen can cause a urine loss.

It’s essential to bear in mind that the word “stress” is utilized in a purely physical sense while referring to stress incontinence. The term signifies extreme pressure upon the bladder rather than emotional stress. Overactive bladder comprises a different condition.


Symptoms Of Stress Incontinence


CBD For Stress Incontinence
CBD For Stress Incontinence


The primary stress incontinence symptom is the absence of bladder command during physical action. You might experience some urine drops or a big, involuntary discharge. This can occur as you are:

  • Sneezing
  • Laughing
  • Jumping
  • Coughing
  • Involved with sexual intercourse
  • Performing heavy lifting
  • Exercising

Occasionally just standing up through a reclining or seated position can place extra pressure upon your bladder to lead to an oozing. Stress incontinence stays specific for every person. You might not display symptoms each time you take part in an action, and the similar activities that result in leakage to you might not impact another individual having stress incontinence.

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Who Gets Stress Incontinence

Women are doubly as probable as men in undergoing involuntary leakage. Among women the most prevalent stress incontinence causes are childbirth and pregnancy, particularly undergoing several vaginal deliveries. In childbirth and pregnancy, the pelvic and sphincter muscles extend and are depleted.

Advanced age and situations that result in chronic cough may also lead to stress incontinence. Such a disorder can also form a pelvic surgery side effect.

A few women only undergo stress incontinence in the week prior to getting their period. It has been explained by the NIDDK that estrogen droplets during this menstrual cycle stage, can deplete the urethra. However, this is uncommon.

Prostate surgery among men is a popular stress incontinence cause. The prostate gland encloses the urethra, whose elimination can lead to the absence of support for the urethra.

Other stress incontinence risk factors comprise:

  • Smoking as a result of chronic cough
  • Excessive alcohol and caffeine use
  • Any other situation connected to chronic cough
  • Obesity
  • Enduring participation in high-effect activities
  • Constipation
  • Hormonal deficiencies


How CBD Helps With Stress Incontinence


CBD For Stress Incontinence
CBD Tincture


The ECS (endocannabinoid system) is a device filled with receptors naturally occurring in the human body. Termed CB1 and CB2, these respond ideally to the presence of cannabidiol in the body and are also linked to the urinary system, which explains the association between incontinence and CBD. They are the most essential receptors within the body.

Additionally, it should be observed that various bladder organs naturally conferred these receptors and can so also respond to the consumption of CBD. The following functions are particularly referred to:

  • The central nervous system
  • The whole bladder
  • The brain compartments respond ideally to signals from the bladder.

Incontinence comprises a health issue very frequently due to a reception problem between the bladder and the nervous system. The bladder is an especially sensitive organ to CBD, which appears to respond successfully to the signals dispatched by the receptors.

CBD thus permits signals to be dispatched to the bladder to enhance its contractility, which contributes in the long run to its progressive control and, thus, to the relief of incontinence.

A study performed in 2014 discovered that cannabis helps alleviate some multiple sclerosis symptoms like pain, OAB, and spasticity.

A 2013 study discovered that cannabis may play a part in lowering a man’s risk for acquiring bladder cancer.

The use of CBD for Stress Incontinence can have an impact on bladder contractility, easing the muscles and lowering incontinence. In a study comprising 112 patients with MS, there was a response of 64%, 59%, and 55% improvement in urinary urgency, urination, and incontinence problems. Besides incontinence, patients mentioned an improvement in different non-urinary symptoms also.

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The Perfect CBD For Stress Incontinence

In an uncontrolled industry, Cibadol has set its individual purity standards to assure the efficacy and quality of its extensive range of CBD products. They accepted vertical integration to make high-quality products available at the most economical pricing. So they adopted the initiative to breed their genetics, cultivate their hemp, design their extraction process, and produce all in their cGMP-authorized warehouse.

Cibadol has an extensive range of CBD products featuring Tinctures, Gummies, Pills, Topicals, and Drink Tablets which go a long way in improving your stress incontinence symptoms.


Final Thoughts On CBD For Stress Incontinence

Generally, CBD appears to interact with the CB1 as well as CB2 receptors across the body, like the receptors situated in the suburothelial mechanosensory component. This comprises the system where the bladder responds to mechanical stimuli like loading with urine. In numerous studies, cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG might display potential in alleviating bladder control issues. This is believed to be on account of CBD’s action on the normal cannabinoid receptors within the human body’s bladder regulation pathways. That implies that cannabidiol products might display promise in bettering urinary incontinence cases, without the potential adverse effects of conventional pharmaceuticals.

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