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How CBD Helps With Vertigo

Do you sometimes experience temporary or continuing dizziness spells? You might be afflicted with Vertigo. It can be disturbing to feel vertigo, a feeling that the world surrounding you is spinning. Intense vertigo can even harm your ability to do daily tasks as it affects your balance. Something as safe as standing up extremely fast can lead to vertigo due to a rapid fall in blood pressure.

CBD has proven itself beneficial as a panacea of sorts, having been employed for treating everything from chronic pain to migraines and anxiety. Current reviews display that CBD may also be beneficial for aiding to treat vertigo, a condition that results in a displeasing spinning sensation. This article explores some of the ways by which CBD may be useful for aiding with vertigo.


Understanding What Vertigo Is?

Vertigo is the illusion of motion that comes and goes, leading to balance issues and dizziness. It can occur at any moment and may seem as if everything surrounding you is moving while you are standing still.

It is commonly the outcome of an issue with the brain, inner ear, or a sensory nerve pathway. Vertigo manifests in different ways.

  • Rotational Vertigo: A sudden dawning feeling of spinning movement.
  • Translational Vertigo: An illusion of moving sideways.

There is even Meniere’s disease, which is a condition of the inner ear that frequently causes vertigo symptoms like spinning, dizziness, and ringing in the ear (tinnitus). It may also result in intermittent hearing loss and pressure that generally impacts one ear.


Causes Of Vertigo

Vertigo can result from several factors, like migraines and inner ear infections. It could also be caused by some medications, including those employed to treat high blood pressure or anxiety. While there are numerous likely causes for vertigo, the undermentioned are a few of the most popular examples.

BPPV: Existence of crystals in the inner ear. These crystals serve as weights for your brain to identify translational motion such as moving forward or backward or inclining your head up or down. It can also result from a head injury, damage due to an inner ear disorder, or degradation of the vestibular system in the inner ear by aging. This is frequently termed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV in brief.

A physical therapist might be able to diagnose vertigo derived from BPPV by what’s referred to as the “Dix Hallpike test.”

Vestibular Neuritis: Vestibular neuritis comprises a condition that impacts the inner ear nerve termed as the vestibulocochlear which makes a person feel such symptoms as sudden, acute vertigo (swaying/spinning sensation), balance difficulties, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and difficulties with concentration.

Meniere’s Disease: This constitutes an extreme accumulation of fluid in the inner ear. Persons with this condition may experience severe vertigo episodes that remain for a long time. Generally, Meniere’s disease impacts only one ear.

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Why People Are Preferring CBD For Vertigo?

Treatment for symptoms of vertigo rests on what is causing it. For those seeking to go natural, CBD is a splendid option, given its numerous potential benefits. A 2018 study published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, showed CBD to lessen the recurrence of adverse events when employed as add-on therapy.

The authors of the study also discovered that CBD lowered fatigue, irritability, sleepiness, insomnia, aggressiveness, appetite loss, dizziness, and nausea in most of the subjects. In another study, which was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, results indicate that CBD may be a successful treatment for vomiting and nausea. CBD has also been displayed to exert powerful anti-inflammatory effects, as shown by one study, published in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology in 2007.


CBD Fizzy Tablets
CBD Fizzy Tablets


The study alluded to above was conducted on animals. Nonetheless, the authors also observed that since 2005, CBD has been endorsed for the treatment of inflammation, pain, and spasticity connected with multiple sclerosis in humans. CBD’s anti-inflammatory features may prove useful to relieve the swelling of the inner ear, also termed labyrinthitis. Labyrinthitis is the swelling and irritation of the inner ear that can result in hearing loss and vertigo.

Labyrinthitis is frequently caused by a virus and, occasionally, by bacteria. Possessing flu or cold can activate the condition. Other causes comprise allergies or specific medicines that harm the inner ear. Drinking large quantities of alcohol, smoking, and stress may increase an individual’s risk for labyrinthitis. Vertigo comprises a symptom of labyrinthitis, as stated by National Health Service (NHS), UK.


How CBD Acts To Relieve The Symptoms Of Vertigo?


 CBD For Vertigo
Full Spectrum Tincture


Endocannabinoids comprise neurotransmitters that join cannabinoid receptors within the nervous system. Inside the human body lies the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates various functions including pain, sleep, appetite, and immune system response. The ECS is constituted of two main cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2).

The function of the CB2 cannabinoid receptor in immune regulation was exhibited in a 2009 study upheld by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-NIH. In the stated study, the authors noticed that CB2 receptors most frequently discovered on the immune system cells aid moderate inflammation and immune response to pathogens.

As vertigo constitutes a symptom of inflammation, it can be deduced that healing inflammation may aid treat vertigo symptoms. A 2018 study posted in the Journal of Pain Research has displayed that CBD may aid lower chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, lowering inflammation, and engaging with neurotransmitters.

In another study posted in the Molecules Journal that very year, data have displayed CBD’s capacity to reduce swelling by indicating to the body to close its inflammation response. Further, a 2018 study posted in the Journal of Frontiers in Neurology discovered that consistent and constant doses of CBD oil, given over a prolonged period aids lessen dizziness.

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CBD For Nausea

Among CBD’s most common uses are for regulating nausea. It has been beneficial for aiding people to manage nausea of all kinds varying from chemotherapy-caused nausea to nausea from hangovers.

CBD achieves this by communicating with the serotonin system. Several serotonin receptors are situated in the gut, where they control nausea and our digestive health. By achieving balance in our serotonin system, CBD aids to reduce nausea. This can make it a helpful treatment for handling vertigo-caused nausea.

CBD For Vomiting

CBD is also a very helpful treatment for nausea. Not just can it aid to stop nausea connected with vomiting, but it may even be able to stop nausea. Research shows that cannabinoids, including CBD, can aid to stop vomiting in people having cancer.

CBD For Headaches

Another one of the most popular uses of CBD is for assisting to manage headaches and migraines. Many vertigo attacks are visited by severe migraines and headaches. This is especially true if you struggle with a condition termed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

Persons with this kind of vertigo often experience migraines when they shift suddenly or quickly. While most of the reports are employing CBD for headaches are anecdotal, research has gathered a considerable amount of evidence that upholds this claim.


Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture
Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture


Among the reasons for this is since the endocannabinoid system is engaged in pain regulation. By influencing your ECS receptors, CBD can aid to lower pain. CBD also triggers the release of another compound known as anandamide. Among the functions of this substance is to aid dilate your blood vessels. This can aid lessen the severity of headaches.

CBD For Dizziness

There have been anecdotal reports of people employing cannabinoids to aid combat dizziness. Nevertheless, there are no studies that especially affirm this benefit.

A 2006 study indicates that there may be cannabinoid receptors within the central vestibular system. This system is often indicated in severe attacks of dizziness. While this doesn’t prove that CBD may be dependable for combating nausea, it’s a suggestion that further research in this field is necessary.

Vomiting, nausea, and dizziness comprise symptoms that popularly happen alongside one another. This may be one reason that people have informed relief when employing CBD for dizziness.

Eye Twitch

CBD has been displayed to lower stress-based abnormal or jerking eye movements. While this is frequently a stress-based response, it is popularly associated with BPPV or Meniere’s. The eye-twitch or “Nystagmus” may be resolved with crystal realignment.


The Finest CBD Products For Your Vertigo

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Wrapping Up

CBD is an extremely useful compound that offers many similar benefits as THC without inducing intoxication.

It has been employed medically to aid manage several symptoms, including multiple ones connected with vertigo: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. If you grapple with vertigo and are seeking a useful substance to aid combat the symptoms, you may wish to employ CBD. This can aid to offer relief while you work to recognize the primary cause of your vertigo.

Always exercise caution when employing CBD. While the phytocannabinoid itself is regarded safe, it can interact with medications and different drugs. You will also need to cross-check the legal status of CBD in your country and state.

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