How CBD Helps With Stretch Marks

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The subject of the use of hemp oil to heal the stretch marks that affect your skin may be a slight taboo for some. This article explains why hemp is believed to be good for the skin and how you probably could use it to disappear those pesky tiger stripes.

Many people become horrified when they know that others employ hemp to cure their stretch marks. They accuse them of carrying weed near a baby (as many stretch marks are pregnancy-associated), though the fact is…it’s not identical at all.

A stretch mark signifies a scar on the skin that grows as the skin stretches or shrinks during pregnancy, sudden development in puberty, quick weight gain or loss, and growth of muscle during weight training. Genetics also plays a part in stretch marks as a few people develop more acute marks than others. These skin scars are not injurious but look ugly and you will wish to remove these. No magic cure exists for the stretch marks, but some creams assert that they eliminate the stretch lines with time. Research has shown that CBD is a natural antioxidant and it can heal the injured skin, obliterate the stretch marks, and retard the aging of your skin by raising the elasticity.

Stretch marks comprise skin lines that may vary from grey, purple, or pink and also have separate textures. It rests on the collagen percentage of your skin. The natural protein collages raise your skin elasticity. When it is absent or present in lower concentrations, your skin begins developing stretch marks.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks develop due to the skin stretching excessively or an elevation of cortisone levels in your system. This hormone is manufactured by the adrenal glands, and excess of it can lead your skin to shed its elasticity.

Stretch marks commonly appear on the thighs, stomach, upper arms, breasts, and buttocks which are impossible to remove or prevent. However, modifications in diet, ointments, workout routines, and also surgery can aid these marks to fade.

Stretch marks frequently appear in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight changes as you suddenly shed or put on weight
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, and different adrenal gland syndromes can result in stretch marks as they elevate the cortisone amount in the body
  • Corticosteroid lotions, pills, and creams can also lead to stretch marks as they lower the skin’s capacity to stretch

A few people attest to the multiple CBD beauty benefits enjoyed by them. Thanks due to their host of qualities, CBD is beginning to be a popular component in body care and skin care products.

Benefits Of CBD For Stretch Marks

CBD helps lower stretch marks due to its specific properties.

Boosts Collagen Production

CBD can raise the collagen production by your skin cells that build healthier skin and enhance the regeneration of the skin cells. Greater levels of collagen also raise skin elasticity and thus lessen stretch marks. It also promotes cell regeneration and makes your skin healthier and tighter.

Acts On The Endocannabinoid System

The human body contains an endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulating different biological functions, like skin development and growth. CBD acts upon this ECS and heals your skin scars resulting from fast growth, like during pregnancy or puberty. In this regard, the CBD capsules and oil that need to be consumed may be less efficient as they undergo the process of digestion and lose the impact. To obtain the best effects, you should employ a topical CBD cream or lotion applied directly on the affected skin.

Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

CBD is a superb anti-inflammatory. This property permits CBD to play a role in calming red and irritated skin. Consequently, this could decrease the appearance of flaws and aid stop breakouts. So many people are adopting CBD oil face products as a portion of their daily skin routine.

Research shows the therapeutic effect of CBD on inflammatory skin ailments and scars.

Works As An Antioxidant

Similar to other natural products, CBD is laden with antioxidants. They may have been gaining a name for themselves as the go-to nutrients for improved skin, though you may not be aware that antioxidants help safeguard the skin and possess healing properties.

With stretch marks being composed of impaired cells, the antioxidants of CBD can aid to combat the damage, rejuvenate the skin, or also brighten it.

Studies exist on the antioxidant properties of CBD and its beneficial effects.

How To Utilize CBD With Regard To Stretch Marks

Multiple ways exist for people to use CBD beauty and skincare products to lessen stretch marks. Among the most common alternatives is employing pure CBD oil drops.

Though oral ingestion of oil is possible, in the matter of employing CBD unflavored oil to your stretch marks, topical application is best. Just place the oil in the body region of concern followed by gently massaging it in.

CBD for Stretch Marks
Full-Spectrum Tincture

Lessening the stretch marks appearance is time-consuming. Plan for daily use of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil for several weeks to notice improvement.

Lotions may also be useful for some people. Similar to oil, users can apply this upon the stretch marks area to aid lessen their appearance along with hydrating of the skin.

How To Find The Finest CBD For Your Stretch Marks

Cibadol is proud as a vertically integrated company that enables them to accomplish the topmost quality CBD at affordable prices. Their goal to provide the best CBD standards has prompted them to breed their individual genetics, grow their personal hemp crops, draw their own CBD, and manufacture their products within their cGMP-certified production facility. They cultivate their genetics with rigorous organic farming procedures to assure no pesticides or herbicides are used. Their hemp is always non-GMO and reared with high CBD and fewer THC ratios.

Their line of CBD products includes Tinctures, Soft Gel Pills, Delta-8 Gummies, Beverages, and Topicals, to name a few.


Numerous clinical studies on the expectations of CBD’s stretch mark lowering capabilities have been performed. A few researchers think that further research is needed to comprehend the impact of CBD on stretch marks or cutaneous ruptures. Some researchers mention that CBD contains the potential to decrease stretch marks to a specific extent and being an antioxidant, it can repair the damaged skin and stop further damage. As it is a safe and natural ingredient, CBD can be employed solely or in association with various ingredients to moisturize your skin and lessen stretch marks with regular use.

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