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Cibadol – The Science of CBD

Of the dozens of cannabinoids that have been identified and researched, cannabidiol (CBD) is the one that makes the most headlines and appears to hold the most promise.

Clinical scientific research on CBD and its potential benefits are still in their early stages, but a growing number of consumers are already incorporating CBD into their lifestyles.

At Cibadol we’ve been bringing a new level of consistent, high-quality and potent CBD supplements to the market since 2015.

What distinguishes Cibadol is its extra-strength CBD; developed after years of work to produce some of the highest CBD ratios available while using methods that ensure a pure and high potency products.

Our CBD is constantly monitored for quality control. Our extraction process uses state-of-the-art equipment and is done under the supervision of highly-trained specialists.

The final result is our unique line of CBD isolates, CBD oil syringes, CBD pills and topical salves: all designed to suit a wide variety of needs.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to both perfect our products while staying attuned to our customers’ wishes,” says Andy Rodosevich, who with Luke Pickering co-founded Cibadol.

“That innovation is more than just a good business model when it comes to CBD,” he adds. “It helps us plan for future uses of our products, while we fine-tune our quality assurance and manufacturing systems.”

Cibadol has therefore helped to bring a new level of consistency and potency to the CBD market. That thirst for innovation, coupled with a “white lab coat” manufacturing environment, has allowed Cibadol to define, establish and maintain the industry’s top quality assurance system.

Cibadol also uses a detailed batch entry system, ensuring the best supply chain quality control while guaranteeing against any degraded product entering or staying in the system.

Being at the forefront of a new business sector has both its challenges and opportunities. But being a pioneer also means coming up with breakthroughs. We’ve been fortunate to come up with an extraction and manufacturing process that brings to you some of the most concentrated CBD oil available, in consistently-manufactured products that are of the best quality.

“This CBD brings together the best of all worlds,” says Rodosevich. “It’s a non-GMO and full-spectrum cannabidiol, which ensures consumers are getting the best benefits of CBD without any of the questionable additives or growing processes you might find elsewhere on the market.”

At a time when more people are considering CBD and incorporating it into their daily routines, Cibadol is aware of our responsibility — to bring to our growing consumer base around the world a product line that stands alone in its potency, easy usage and high quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

We invite you to join us in this adventure and would love to hear from you. Our staff is also available if you have any questions; just go to our Contact Us page.

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