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Strategies To Create A Mindful Morning Routine 

Are you interested in incorporating CBD into a mindful morning routine? What is your normal morning routine?

Are you up at 6 a.m. every day? Do you take your coffee or tea carefully while planning out your day and preparing a mental (or physical) to-do list? Are you meditating and doing a calm yoga sequence before you leave the house, prepared for whatever the day may hold?

Maybe not so much?

Please don’t feel terrible.

The majority of individuals do not begin their day with a thoughtful morning ritual. We click the snooze button on the alarm clock till we have to get out of bed. We run around trying to get out the door and wind up disorganized, distracted, and harried the whole day, never quite getting everything done that has to be done.

We then grumble about how our day went, oblivious to the fact that merely beginning our day out differently may have had a significant impact on how our day proceeded.

The way you begin each day has a significant influence on the rest of the day. The most essential part of your day is the morning. Why? It is because mornings set the tone for the next 12 hours, defining your energy and attitude. There’s a reason why experts argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it should be enriched with energy-boosting nutrients. Creating and maintaining a daily routine, on the other hand, is a far more difficult endeavor. So, how can you establish a healthy morning routine that you can keep up with?

Strategies To Create A Mindful Morning Routine

Set Your Alarm 20 Minutes Earlier

What if, instead of pushing the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning for 20 minutes, you got up 20 minutes earlier? Don’t overlook the impact that an extra 20 minutes may have on your day. Imagine waking up without running about like a maniac, instead of allowing the day to unfold with a greater sense of calm.

Getting up early in the morning can help you sleep better, be more productive, and concentrate better. You’d be surprised at how calm the world is early in the morning if you’ve never been a morning person. At 6 a.m., we like to believe the world is a little kinder. Getting up this early is the first step toward cultivating a thoughtful morning that will allow you to make the most of your time off.


Morning meditation for 5-10 minutes has the ability to dramatically transform your day. It not only sets the tone for the rest of the day, but it may also increase energy levels, concentration and productivity, and general well-being. Morning meditation may help you develop a feeling of mindfulness that carries over throughout the remainder of your day, helping you to deal with whatever comes your way with grace.

If you aren’t a meditator and don’t want to start, even sitting in peaceful thought for a few minutes each morning before starting your day might help you develop a sense of mindfulness. It’s also a lot more calming than hurrying into whatever the day has in store.

Gaze At The Rising Sun

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, getting some natural light and fresh air can help. It stimulates the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), commonly known as the circadian pacemaker, which is the endocrine system’s conductor. It regulates hormone secretions, but it needs morning light to activate and begin doing the task it was designed to accomplish at the appropriate time. This will also guarantee that you begin to feel drowsy in the evening at the appropriate time and that you do not lay awake at night, unable to sleep, with ideas racing through your head.

Make A Vision Board

Put all of the images or words that make you happy in one place. Make your dreams tangible on board. Look at the vision board in the morning and experience as fully as possible the feelings that are evoked when you spend time doing this. This has the potential to be much more powerful than you realize in terms of causing the universe to cooperate to bring your dreams to life.

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Mindful Morning Routine
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Being conscious of what we put into our bodies is part of a mindful morning ritual. When we start each day deliberately, it only makes sense to start with things we know might potentially enhance our overall well-being. A typical morning must include an intake of CBD tincture before a cup of coffee. On days, when you feel like you need a boost, you can make your own strong coffee to start the day.

Given how CBD has benefited our own lives, we believe it is only natural to incorporate it into our thoughtful morning practice. We believe CBD is one of the finest improvements anybody could make to their morning routine since it may assist boost a sense of calm and focus.

Wrapping Up

Everyone is different when it comes to how they begin their day. Listening to your intuition is one of the most essential things you can do while starting a mindful morning practice. Your body may require various things on different days. This must be respected. Keep in mind, though, that incorporating a mindful morning practice into your life may benefit you in more ways than you might think. We also feel that consuming CBD first thing in the morning might have a similar effect.

The Cibadol range of CBD products includes Full Spectrum Tincture (1800mg), Broad Spectrum Flavored Tincture (1800mg), Soft Gel Pills (900mg), CBD Muscle Relaxant (1800mg), and Extra Strength CBD (900mg), besides a host of others.

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