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How To Avoid And Eliminate Neck Pain

We have all been working from home for over two years now. Needless to say, our working habits and postures haven’t been the same. Working in front of a screen all day, combined with bad sleeping habits can cause many chronic problems in the muscles around the neck and spinal cord. If not treated in time, these minor issues can turn into spinal stenosis, arthritis, disc generation, etc. If you are someone who suffers from chronic neck pain or minor pains two to three times a week, these tips can help you experience less pain.

5 Ways To Avoid And Eliminate Neck Pain

Check out the different ways to avoid and eliminate neck pain:

Try a new pillow

When it comes to comfort and support for your neck while sleeping, there are a number of options available to pick from. The only way to determine what works best for you is to carry out a trial and error method for multiple options. Although, as a general rule, it is advisable to use a pillow that keeps the cervical spine in a neutral alignment. In other words, a pillow that keeps the natural curve of your neck supported and maintained. As mentioned before, there are several options available, and what works best for you will be based on the cause of your neck problems and your personal preferences. For example, some people find that their neck pain is decreasing when they sleep on their back with their head supported by a relatively flat pillow or an orthopedic pillow that has a deeper depression under the head and extra support under the neck. Other people find more comfort with the support of a pillow when they are laying on their sides. Keeping that in mind, it is also important to note that most people change multiple positions while sleeping. In such cases, it is suggested that you have a pillow, or more than one pillow, that works for each of your sleeping positions.

Try to sleep on your back

It is common knowledge that sleeping on your back is ideal for you. It lets your spine rest. Some people with neck pain find it more comfortable to sleep on their back with a pillow under each of their arms with the idea that supporting each arm takes away the strain from the neck. On the other hand, people with issues such as spine arthritis find it more comfortable to sleep at an incline. You can switch to an adjustable bed. If you still prefer sleeping on your side, make sure your pillow is of an ideal height. In general, if it is not comfortable for you, it is not working for you.

Carry weight evenly

A common cause of neck and back problems is carrying a heavy bag/purse or a briefcase on only one side of the body. This uneven load causes the shoulders to become uneven, thus straining your neck muscles. The simplest solution to this problem is to first determine whether you want to carry everything you put in the bag. Take only the essentials and make a conscious effort to keep your back straight. You can also switch to a backpack with straps for both your shoulders to distribute the weight evenly.

Maintain a supportive posture

A poor posture is bound to give your back and neck a strain and ligaments, which will lead to neck problems and long-term injuries. One of the most common examples of poor posture is the head-and-shoulders-forward posture that contributes to neck pain. This happens when your neck slants forward, placing the head in front of your shoulders. This posture leads to slumping forward of your upper back; thereby straining the entire spine. Hence, it is suggested that you always maintain a supportive posture with your head and shoulders aligned at all times.

Computer monitor and texting

While we are on the subject of maintaining a supportive posture, it is also necessary to talk about the computer and texting habits. When working on your computer, make sure the screen is at your eye level. If you find yourself having to look down at your screen, consider raising it. When using a laptop, it is advisable to connect your laptop to a separate monitor or a screen that matches your eye level. Secondly, looking down at your phone while texting or scrolling through multiple apps also causes strain on your neck. Over time, the excessive strains on your joints, ligaments, and muscles can lead to premature lifelong changes in your neck. To avoid this, you can try raising your phone to eye level, rest your hands and device on a pillow, but most importantly, reduce your texting time and take frequent breaks.

Exercising and stretching

Coming to the last and most important point of this list is to regularly exercise and stretch the muscles of your neck. By doing short-duration exercises during the day, you can keep your neck muscles strong for a long time. The chin tuck is one of the easiest exercises you can begin with. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles and pull the head into alignment over the shoulder.

The Role of CBD

The popularity of CBD products has reached sky-high due to the acceptance of all the medicinal properties it holds. CBD is an extract of hemp or cannabis plant that is used by many to deal with several physical as well as psychological conditions like inflammation, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, etc. And the best thing about CBD is that since it does not carry any THC, it cannot cause any psychoactive effects to the consumer. Since its legalization, a lot of people have included CBD in their wellness routine to deal with such conditions, and maintain an overall balance of their mind and body. Many studies have concluded that CBD can help relax muscles and ligaments throughout the body, and relieve you from the pain caused due the muscle/ligament strain. With brands like Cibadol, you can get organic CBD products that deal with specific problems you want to deal with. Here are some of the most popular products by Cibadol that can help you deal with neck pain:

  • Cibadol ZERO – CBD Gummies: Highly popular amongst consumers, this product comes in the form of sweet and tasty gummies. Cibadol offers two flavors with their gummies, Mixed Berry and Citrus. If you are new to CBD products, gummies might be the best place to start from. With gummies, you don’t have to worry about the taste or doses as every gummy has a specific amount of CBD that you can take into consideration while consuming.
  • Cibadol – Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures: Cibadol’s full-spectrum CBD tinctures come in various options of dosage and flavors. It is essentially in the form of oil where you can place a few drops under your tongue, or mix it with your favorite beverage to reap the health benefits of CBD. Typically, you will start noticing its effects about one hour from the time of consumption.


Neck problems have become highly common due to the constant work in front of computers and bad postures. But it’s never too late to make things right again. By following all the points mentioned in the article above, you can easily get rid of neck problems and lead a pain-free life. Additionally, with the use of CBD products, you can enhance the effectiveness of the practices and ensure the muscles and ligaments in your neck and spine remain healthy. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, feel free to drop a comment below. Thank you!


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