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Know Everything About Cannabis Flavonoids

Cannabis plants are abundant in flavonoids which are beneficial compounds that give the plants their color or pigmentation. Certain stunning colors because of flavonoids in cannabis plants are red, pink, purple, or blue and contain antioxidants. Some of the flavonoids present within cannabis include cannaflavin A, vitexin, apigenin, and cannaflavine B to name a few. Almost 26 flavonoids are found to exist within cannabis plants which are known for their variety of colors and markings. With maturation the plant witnesses many color changes in its buds and leaves. Though green is the main color of cannabis plants due to the existence of chlorophyll due to temperature and seasonal variations, the generation of chlorophyll halts and different colors become visible.


Benefits Of Cannabis Flavonoids

cannabis flavonoids
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Flavonoids are organically present secondary metabolic compounds that perform essential work within the plant and promote wellness by their health benefiting and healing qualities. Metabolites that perform secondary functions do not participate in critical systems like growth and reproduction. Flavonoids play a part in the healing effects of the cannabis plant either individually or in association with different compounds to produce the entourage effects.


Can Help In Pain Alleviation

Researchers from the London University have found flavonoids – Cannaflavin A plus Cannaflavin B to contain highly powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Their anti-inflammatory effects are said to be 30% more powerful than those delivered by Aspirin.

However, in addition to their efficacy, the presence of cannaflavins within cannabis plants is minimal and is believed to constitute below 0.15% of the raw cannabis weight. The capacity to ease inflammation can benefit those afflicted by inflammatory conditions. A properly sourced isolated cannaflavins produced by cannabis providers can be able to provide an effective cure for inflammation compared to the presently available treatment.


Inhibits And Combats Cancer

Evidence also supports the cancer-inhibiting properties of flavonoids. Research has indicated that flavonoids can restrain carcinogenic activity by interfering with numerous signal transduction routes associated with the growth and proliferation of cancer all across the body. All this can be useful in curtailing proliferation, formation of new blood vessels, and cancer cell metastasis. It can also accelerate the perishment of cancerous cells or apoptosis.

Currently, 2019 research exhibited the healing potential of cannabis flavonoids in treating pancreatic cancer with regard to shrinking tumors and stopping secondary tumors. This research is restricted and requires more intensive research to know the manner in which it can be utilized by those suffering from cancer.


Boosts Skin Health and Heals Skin Disorders

Flavonoids are effective in healing skin disorders due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they can also be useful in safeguarding against depigmentation, skin impairment resulting from sun damage and work as anti-aging agents.

These flavonoids are easily absorbed by the skin and function as a skin tonic and are highly effective in topical formulations. Moreover, the present research has shown promise in the therapeutic potential of flavonoids in countering aggravated skin conditions.


CBDA Oil Tincture
CBDA Oil Tincture


Additionally, other therapeutic benefits of flavonoids include antibacterial, anti-allergic, neuroprotective, combating hepatitis, calming anxiety, healing bruising and mitigating glaucoma. Working as powerful phytonutrients, flavonoids have become popular in wellness and nutrition supplements as well as in cosmetic applications.

Working as potent antioxidants, flavonoids can curb cell damage and stop free radicals that lead to oxidative stress. Studies have indicated the positive results produced by flavonoids in managing heart ailments, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer.


Promotes The Entourage Effect

The cannabis plant contains a vast array of cannabinoids, fatty acids, essential nutrients, terpenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids that all work synergistically to produce optimal health benefits. These plant compounds together create more beneficial effects than is possible from consuming them individually. Few researchers hint that flavonoids can also play their part in such an entourage effect as their mechanism can work with phytocannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

These flavonoids can suppress certain enzymes and hamper the metabolism of THC mind-altering effects and action its users. Therefore, flavonoids can impact the cannabis blend by not only adding to the cannabinoid and terpene profile but also changing the way they blend can affect us.

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Buy The Best Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Purchasing full-spectrum CBD products offer you the best availability of all the compounds working collectively to produce the synergistic effect. They include cannabinoids, the flavor-filled and aromatic terpenes with their calming effects, fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, cancer-preventing, and neuroprotective flavonoids.

Different research indicates that the therapeutic effects of CBD become stronger when blended with different compounds of the cannabis plants which includes flavonoids. You receive the complete health benefits of the entourage effect is a full-spectrum CBD product. Broad-spectrum contains different compounds, but the THC present specifically in full-spectrum products can amp up the pain-mitigating and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.


CBD Isolate Wholesale
CBD Isolate Wholesale


Purchasing the best full-spectrum CBD tinctures, pills, and gels from premium brands such as Cibadol, a vertically integrated company that manufactures organic CBD in their in-built manufacturing facility that is cGMP certified, applying CO2 extraction technique for clean and pure CBD extraction.

Their third-party lab-tested products ensure the highest standards of product efficacy and purity. You can choose from their diverse range of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products that contain the best cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles.


Final Thoughts On Cannabis Flavonoids

The powerful compounds called flavonoids in cannabis have become an important ingredient in various medicinal, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and beauty applications. They work as antioxidants, plant saviors as well as colorants. It also helps in producing the entourage effect where they act in synergy with various compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

These compounds help in delivering antidepressants, antioxidants, inflammation resistance, and disease combating qualities. Moreover, being antioxidant-rich these flavonoids can also influence the flavor profiles of the cannabis and hemp strains.

To enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD, shop from us!

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