Can CBD Cure Ringworm In Dogs?

Can CBD Cure Ringworm In Dogs

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Ringworm is a fungal infection that dogs may contract at least once in their lives, rather than a parasitic worm. Ringworm, as common as it is, is easily treated at home. Continue reading to learn more about dog ringworm cures like CBD, and many more that are both safe and efficient.


Ringworm In Dogs


ringworm in dogs
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Ringworm is a parasitic infection that affects not just dogs but also most other mammals, including humans. It is the name for both the fungus and the virus, and it gets its name from the raised and red ring that forms on an afflicted person’s skin. It is caused by several different pathogenic fungi. Microsporum Canis is responsible for 70% of ringworm infections in dogs, Microsporum gypseum for 20%, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes for the remaining 10%.

Ringworm is most commonly found on the skin and hair follicles of dogs, though it can also infect the nails. The infection of ringworm is only superficial, meaning it does not spread throughout the body. Most of the time, the infection is localized to a few tiny locations.

However, some dogs, notably pups, sick dogs, and older dogs, are more likely to develop widespread ringworm infections. The infection is spread by spores of the ringworm fungus. They can be disseminated by an infected animal or person shedding spores or by contaminated hairs breaking off.

The spores can be picked up by a dog by coming into close contact with an infected animal or person, or by touching a contaminated surface. The spores of the fungus are contagious for up to 18 months.

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What Does A Ringworm Look Like In Dogs?

Circular bald spots or hair loss with lesions within the affected areas are typical signs of ringworm infection in dogs. The sores become larger and scabby or inflammatory areas emerge in the center. Hair follicles that have been impacted become brittle and easily break; if the nails become infected, they become brittle and harsh as well.

It’s recommended to take your dog to the vet if you see any of the following symptoms in them:


  • Hair loss in circular patches
  • Scabs on the affected area
  • Inflammation on the affected area
  • Brittle and dried hair
  • Fragile and abrasive nails


Allergies, a parasite infection, a separate fungal infection, a bacterial infection, food imbalance, thyroid disorders, or Cushing’s disease are all possible causes of skin conditions. Your dog’s condition must be correctly diagnosed by a veterinarian to provide him with the appropriate treatment.

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Alternative Treatments

A ringworm infection is simple to treat and does not have any major consequences. However, because it is highly contagious, proper and prompt treatment is critical.

Your veterinarian may suggest a treatment plan that includes any or all of the following: topical treatment, oral medication, and/or home decontamination. If you have a long-haired dog, you may need to shave the problematic regions and cut his hair to speed up the topical treatment.

Ringworm treatment takes months, and it’s critical to stick with it and finish it to ensure that the illness and all spores are completely removed from your dog’s body. You can also try the natural home therapies listed below, but be sure your vet has accurately identified the ailment as ringworm:

Shampoo with antifungal properties

You’ll have to wash your dog every other day with the anti-fungal shampoo until the circular lesions are entirely gone.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV contains antimicrobial and calming effects. In a spray bottle, make a solution of equal parts ACV and water. Spray the diseased areas twice or three times a day, every day, until the skin condition improves noticeably.


Treatment with CBD oil


Ringworm In Dogs
CBD Pet Tincture


CBD offers soothing and anti-inflammatory effects that may help your dog’s skin condition cure faster. Apply the oil to a cotton ball and gently dab on the infected areas once a day until the infection is gone.

Make sure to use only high-quality CBD oil that has no more than 0.3% THC, as THC is hazardous to dogs, and that you have your veterinarian’s permission.


CBD For Ringworm In Dogs

CBD has grown in popularity in the United States and many other countries across the world. With the recognition of its medicinal advantages, CBD has become a popular addition to many people’s daily wellness routines all around the world. While CBD is readily available on many online platforms and in retail stores, it is critical to purchase the goods from a reputable source.

Purchasing non-premium CBD might cause a variety of long-term adverse effects. It can also have an impact on your health. As previously said, ensure that the items you purchase have less than 0.3% THC. Additionally, check the company’s website for third-party lab test results. The grade of CBD utilized in the goods is determined by this testing.

Cibadol is one of the most well-known CBD brands for pets on the market. To assure the highest quality of products, they source CBD from organically produced hemp farms.

By following the steps outlined above, their CBD Pet Tincture can be used to treat ringworms in dogs. The CBD Pet Tincture is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Check out their website to determine which product is ideal for you.

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