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How To Overcome A Sedentary Lifestyle?

While technological advancements make our lives secure and comfortable, they have also encouraged several individuals to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. Less Physical activity has been associated with a variety of health problems, and it is thought to be a key contributor to the obesity epidemic.

Inactivity and sitting for longer durations, according to research released in 2010, dramatically raises your risk of cardiovascular disease (possibly even more than smoking), diabetes, and several other illnesses related to obesity. 

Firstly, adopting a sedentary lifestyle requires some intentional effort, but the benefits of becoming physically active are well worth the effort.

Overcoming A Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle
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Given below are the different ways of overcoming a sedentary lifestyle:

Walk More

The health benefits of a 30-minute walk daily have been proven by numerous studies. A 2015 study indicated that taking three five-minute walks throughout the day can help to counteract the damage that extended sitting has on the peripheral arteries in the legs.

Even if you’re at work, it’s easy to take a walk. Instead of conducting a conference in a conference room, go for walking meetings. You can also incorporate walking activities before or after work, such as longer walks with your dog. Look for alternative places where you can go for a walk. If you live nearby, for example, walk your children to and from school. You can even go for a walk daily after dinner. 

Take The Stairs

Stair climbing, which is considered a high intensity physical exercise,is capable of burning more calories than jogging, according to a 2017 study. Taking the stairs whenever feasible will help you maintain a healthy weight as well as build and maintain strong bones, joints, and muscles.

Walking The Parking Lot

Parking your car at the far end of the parking lot or across the street from your destination is a simple method to add extra steps to your day, as long as you can do so securely.

Walking across the parking lot or around the block from your office allows you to get some fresh air and appreciate the changing seasons, all of which are beneficial to your mental health.

Go For CBD

CBD can help us all be more active, and a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system are both benefits of being active. CBD may help to reduce pain and inflammation. A second study sheds light on how CBD works to reduce inflammatory pain. CBD also aids in the reduction of pain perception. It accomplishes this by triggering the release of serotonin by interacting with particular neurotransmitters. This has a two-fold effect. Serotonin has two functions: first, it offers us a natural psychological boost, and second, it helps to relax muscle fibers, relieve tension, and increase blood circulation.

As a result, using CBD on a daily basis will make your physical workout regimen less of a chore. You will feel more inspired to confront any physical challenge if you improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

At Home

If you’re fatigued after a tiring day at work, keep moving and attempt to stay active until you get home.

Do Your Chores

Instead of moving from table to sofa after supper, clean the kitchen. It’s easy to overlook the fact that washing the dishes and wiping off the counters are both standing jobs.

After Dinner Activity

Planning an activity after supper not only improves your fitness but also helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level and lowers your risk of developing insulin resistance. Even if you’re eating out and won’t have to clean up, you don’t have to skip out on the opportunity to get some exercise. Take a brief walk with your dinner friends to continue the topic from the previous supper.

Develop Active Hobbies

Go For A Run

If the idea of going for a run makes you nervous, keep in mind that you don’t have to complete a marathon to reap the benefits. According to a study conducted in 2014, even a slow 5-10 minute run per day was linked to a lower risk of death from all causes, but particularly cardiovascular disease.

There are also a number of running options. Experiment to find which one you like. You could realize that you enjoy jogging on trails or around your neighborhood, or that you prefer running on a treadmill or indoor track. Running may be a social event if we want it to be. While many individuals prefer to exercise on their own, we may also join a running group.

Start Gardening

For many individuals, gardening is not only mentally and spiritually stimulating, but also a pleasant way to keep active. You can start with a garden in your backyard if you have the room, but if you don’t, there are other options. Consider helping at a community garden if you don’t have your own yard. 

The Price Of Sitting Too Much

Long durations of physical inactivity have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, according to a growing body of evidence. Long hours of sitting were linked to a higher risk of sickness. According to Australian researchers, each hour spent watching television is associated with an 18% increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, maybe because that time is spent sitting down.


Summing Up

Sedentary Lifestyle has been related to serious health problems per research. Many people do not reach the recommended levels of physical exercise and are in danger of acquiring health problems as a result of spending too much time inactive. People can minimize the risks of a sedentary lifestyle by increasing their physical activity and employing the measures outlined above to limit the amount of time they spend sitting.


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