5 Self-Care Practices That Can Change Your Life

Self-Care Practices

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All the stress management techniques would be ineffective if you are not practicing self-care. Meditation too would not do you any good if you suffer from sleep debt. When you try to meditate, you may even snooze because you are not fulfilling the sleep needs of your body.

We are so busy focusing on goals, meeting our expectations, and achievements that we ignore proper care of ourselves. Self-care is not a one-time affair that you try out once and slash down from the list. Rather it is a regular practice of small habits that keeps you at the optimum – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Likewise, hitting the gym would be superfluous, if you are stuffing your body with high processed junk food. Self-care is a multidimensional process where you engage in strategies that boost healthy working and improvement of your overall well-being. It can ensure that you take a quality sleep every night or stroll outside for a few minutes to breathe fresh air. When you take steps to care for your body, mind, and soul, you will be well-placed to lead your best life and raise your quality of life. 


5 Self-Care Practices That Can Change Your Life

Here are five ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine and care for yourself across several domains:

Physical Self-Care

You require physical care of your body to keep it in good condition. There is a powerful association between your mind and body. When you take care of your body, you can feel a change in your thinking and well-being. 

The ambit of physical self-care includes the way you are nourishing your body, the hours of quality sleep you are taking, the range of physical activity you perform, and how properly you care for your physical requirements. Narrowing down your food preferences to choosing two healthy morning meals, lunches, and dinners, consuming medicines as prescribed, giving ten minutes of mindful attention towards your body, and taking care of your health all constitute great physical self-care.              

 Find out the areas where you require to improve yourself by posing these questions:

  • Are you getting healthy sleep hours?
  • Is your diet nourishing and fueling your body?
  • Are you exercising and keeping your body oxygenated by doing breathing exercises?

Psychological And Mental Self-Care

Your thinking pattern and the ideas you fill up your mind with affect your mental well-being. The sphere of mental self-care involves improving the cognitive skills of the mind and keeping it agile by learning hobbies or subjects that you find engaging. You may find pursuing activities that fuel and energize your mind keeps it in a positive frame and ticking.  Being kind to yourself and learning self-acceptance helps to stay active mentally and carry an inner dialogue.

Think about these questions when you assess your mental self-care:

  • Are you finding time for activities that stimulate you mentally?
  • Do you carry out proactive things that have a positive effect on your mind?

Spiritual Self-Care

A lifestyle based on spirituality promotes healthy living. Cultivating your spirit helps you to connect and understand the universe better and more meaningfully. Practicing mindfulness has been found to alleviate stress, scale-up compassion, bring more clarity into your life, enhance focus, and lower signs of anxiety. The best part about meditation is that it benefits you continuously even when you are not practicing it regularly. Investing just ten minutes a day towards meditation helps you long-term by improving your mental and psychological wellness.

When you take a look at your spiritual life, do you question yourself about:

  • What questions you pose to yourself about your experience and life in general
  • Are you following spiritual practices that give you a sense of fulfillment?


Social Self–Care

Social networking and socialization is an important part of self-care. But as life gets hectic, finding time for building relationships and new acquaintances becomes difficult.

Close connections are vital for your social existence and well-being. To build viable relationships you need to invest both your time and energy into evolving strong relationships with people. You have to analyze your social needs and find time in your calendar to build a vibrant social life.

To figure out your social self-care, consider:

  • Do you get one-on-one time to talk to your friends?
  • What do you do to cultivate your ties with family and friends?


Emotional Self–Care

It is essential to possess effective skills that can deal with unpleasant emotions, like anxiety, anger, and unhappiness. Emotional self-care may involve activities that let you accept and ventilate your feelings constantly.

You may be sharing the way you feel with a partner or close acquaintance or reserve time for recreational activities that help handle your emotions. However, integrating emotional self-care into your lifestyle is necessary for a balanced personality.

When evaluating your strategies for emotional self-care, think about these questions:

  • Have you found counterproductive ways for emotional processing?
  • Do you include activities that make you feel rejuvenated and revamped?

Build Your Self-Care Strategies

Self-care is not a multifunctional strategy that can be applied to all. Your self-care plan requires it to be tailored to suit your needs. A self-care strategy for an active college-goer who is mentally agile, enthusiastic all the time, and maintains a buzzing social life might be to focus on physical self-care. In contrast, a retired person may require integrating greater social self-care into their routine to fulfill their social needs. 

Figure out the spheres of your life that require greater emphasis and self-care. And re-evaluate all your aspects of life regularly. As your circumstances change, so will there be a likely change in your self-care requirements. When you identify that a particular dimension of your life has been overlooked, devise a plan for transformation and something new.

There is no need to handle all aspects at once. Take note of one small measure that you can start to care for yourself in a better way. Later, organize your time to pay attention to your needs. Even in a situation where there is no time to include anything more, make self-care a necessity. When you start handling all spheres connected with yourself, you will find yourself functioning in an effective and streamlined manner.


Can CBD Be Incorporated Into Your Self-Care Routine?

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Presently a staple of wellness regimens, CBD has been appreciated for its medicinal properties. This naturally occurring plant compound has been stacked with anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, immunosuppressant, analgesic as well as anxiolytic properties  You can use it as an edible, tincture, vapes, and as a sleep aid. With a slew of benefits, it can promote both physical and mental wellness. In the social sphere also, CBD  has been found to lower social anxiety and discomfort experienced during public speaking. All this makes it a versatile compound for a fulfilling self-care routine, in whatever way you practice holistic living and self-care.  


Cibadol, a vertically integrated company producing indoor-grown hemp offers a bevy of CBD and CBG products ranging from tinctures, gummies and many more. Cibadol Zero THC free tinctures can be incorporated into your wellness routine and can improve your anxiety, social communications, ease workouts and exercises by mitigating pain and inflammation, and also help in meditation by enhancing focus and mindfulness. 



By practicing self-care, you can experience a strong connection with yourself and the universe. You will derive pleasure out of small things and everything will fit in seamlessly in your lifestyle. All these self-care practices contribute to your overall wellness and are crucial for anyone desiring a balanced, healthy, and holistic life. You witness improvements in your physical, mental, social, and even in your financial sphere. 

Begin by performing these self-care strategies into your daily life and let us know in the comments segment as to which one or more of these practices you incorporated into your life. 

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