Easily Distracted: Proven Strategies To Overcome Distractions

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We all find ourselves scrolling through social media when we have an important task to do. The number of constant notifications on our mobile phones makes it even more difficult to focus on our work. However, distractions can come in various forms and seem impossible to avoid. Distractions can cause loss of productivity and affect your overall work. In this article, we bring to you some of the most effective strategies to avoid getting distracted during working hours. We have also mentioned in brief how CBD can help you overcome distractions. So let’s get started!

Proven strategies to overcome distractions

Start with building habits:

First things first, you must create an environment that doesn’t let you get easily distracted. Start building habits that help you stay focused. For example, if you work on the computer and find yourself getting distracted by various social media/entertainment websites, you can try to use website blockers for the time that you need to work. Work towards creating habits that will signal yourself and others around you that you are in a distraction-free mode. Some of the most effective habits here include closing the door to your office/workspace, wearing noise cancellation headphones, and putting your phone on silent and keeping it away from you. Another important habit is to avoid multitasking. When you work on one task at a time, you tend to focus more on it and not get distracted with other things you have on board.

Set daily goals:

By setting daily goals, you will have clearly defined what you need to work on. This will make you work with greater motivation on those tasks and your mind is less likely to get distracted. However, a long list of goals can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. This can lead to you giving up on those tasks even before you start. A good way to start creating goals is to limit yourself to 3-5 goals every day. This way, there is a limit to your work and you won’t end up in panic mode. Start your day by asking yourself what are the three most important things you need to do today. Less relevant tasks can be taken on a separate to-do list. Write these three goals on a sticky note and post them where you can see them throughout the day.

Limit your working time:

We often tend to think that working for longer hours means getting more work done. But that’s not true for everyone. In most cases, working for longer hours will make you think you have a lot of time to get the work done. Eventually, you end up taking longer breaks or getting distracted by other things and not finishing the task at all. By limiting your working time, you give yourself a deadline and work towards finishing those tasks within the deadline. For example, if you start working at 10 am, you can set a deadline of 5-6 pm to finish the three goals you have set for the day. Setting deadlines for yourself can help avoid major distractions and increase productivity.

Monitor your distractions:

Another great practice to avoid distractions is to pay attention to when your brain starts to wander and bring your focus back to the task at hand. This enables you to manage your thoughts and bring back your attention towards completing your daily goals. Make a note of what distractions are difficult to manage, like scrolling different applications or watching videos on YouTube. When you are tempted to do the thing that distracts you, consciously take effort to not go through with it. After the first few times, it will become easier to avoid these distractions and increase your productivity at work.

Train your brain into concentrating:

Your brain is like a muscle that needs to build up in order to work effectively. In other words, you need to train your brain to stay focused by working on your concentration. There are several ways to do this, but the most effective way is the Pomodoro method. Here, you set a timer and stay completely focused on the task until the timer goes off. For example, you can set a timer for 45 minutes, and at the end of the 45 minutes, you can give yourself a 15-minute break. This way, you get the work done within 45 minutes and allow yourself the distraction you need for 15 minutes. Slowly, you can keep increasing the timer for work and get more work done in a lesser span of time.

Take on more challenging work:

For a lot of people, getting distracted over and over again is because their work isn’t engaging or interesting enough. When this happens, your mind keeps looking for something more interesting and gets you distracted. When you take on more challenging tasks, your brain needs to put more effort here, which makes it less capable of wandering to find more interesting things. When your skill exceeds the demands of your work, you are more likely to get bored and distracted. Assess the level of productiveness you feel while doing a task. If you are having a hard time getting engaged in the project, it might mean that you are ready to take on complex tasks that require more attention and focus.

Stress and distraction:

Another common reason for getting distracted easily is stress. When you get overwhelmed with a lot of work, your mind can get exhausted and in need of a distraction and focus on something else instead. This phenomenon is called “Easily Distracted Anxiety” and its symptoms include difficulty concentrating, difficulty forming thoughts and staying on track, and short-term memory getting impacted. Bringing your stress levels down can help you focus more on the work at hand and overcome distractions. Getting enough sleep and practicing breathing exercises are some of the ways you can manage your sleep.

How can CBD help?

CBD is widely popular for the health benefits it possesses. Many studies have found that CBD can be helpful with various physical as well as psychological conditions like pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and much more. One of the most unique qualities of CBD is that, unlike its cousin compound THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects on the consumer. Meaning, you can reap the health benefits of CBD without getting the feeling of “high”. Today, many doctors around the world suggest CBD products deal with stress, anxiety, and many other conditions. Moreover, yoga and meditation experts also believe that CBD can help them focus more and enhance the effectiveness of their practices. All in all, CBD has proven to increase productivity and maintain an overall homeostasis balance throughout the body.

CBD Products

If you are looking to purchase CBD products from a reputed seller, we highly recommend Cibadol. Cibadol is a highly trusted brand that offers premium quality CBD products keeping all the legal guidelines in mind. All their products contain less than 0.3% THC, to ensure they do not cause any psychoactive effects. They also provide third-party test results for their products to ensure the quality of CBD being used. Some of their most common products to avoid distractions and increase productivity include:

Overcome Distractions
Cibadol ZERO Awake tablets
  • Awake tablets: This product comes in the form of tablets and can be taken directly or with water. It is meant to be taken an hour before you start your work to help you stay awake and focused on your tasks.
  • CBN Oil for Sleep: This product comes in the form of oil and can be taken directly by putting a few drops under your tongue, or by mixing it in your favorite drink. It is made to help you calm down your mind and improve your quality of sleep. With a night of better sleep, you are bound to wake up fresh and focus on your work throughout the day.

Overcoming distractions can be difficult, especially if it’s been a long haul of unproductiveness. However, if you start slow and train your brain towards focusing on your tasks, you can increase productivity and avoid distractions in no time. All you have to do is start with building habits, set daily goals, limit your working time, monitor your distractions, take on more challenging work, and manage your stress effectively. To top it off, CBD products by Cibadol can help you stay focused and improve your overall well-being.

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