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Can Ulcers Result From Stress

No distinct evidence exists to suggest that modern life-induced stress or a regular fast food diet leads to stomach ulcers within the small intestine and stomach. But still, stress ulcers have been on the rise. Almost one in every ten Americans will experience the gnawing, burning pain in the abdomen of a gastric or peptic ulcer on some occasion.

Peptic ulcers comprise breaks or holes in the safe duodenal lining (the region above the small intestine) else the stomach – regions that get access to enzymes and stomach acids. Duodenal ulcers have a greater frequency in comparison to stomach ulcers. Quite unique are stress ulcers in the throat, which develop within the esophagus – else swallowing tube – which are frequently an outcome of exposure to medications, like specific antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, or alcohol abuse.

Till the middle of the 1980s, the traditional wisdom remained that ulcers develop as an outcome of stress, defective lifestyle habits (like overindulging in fatty and rich foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco), and a genetic trait of extreme stomach acid discharge. It was held that such instances lead to stomach acid accumulation that damages the protective layer of the duodenum, stomach, or esophagus.

Whereas heavy stomach acid discharge performs a part in the advancement of ulcers, a comparatively recent theory presupposes that bacterial infection comprises the main reason for peptic ulcers. Certainly, research performed from the middle of the 1980s has insistingly displayed that the Helicobacter pylori bacterium is available in over 90% of ulcers of the duodenum and nearly 80% of ulcers of the stomach. Nevertheless, more current figures show those percentages are reducing.


Ulcer formation

Multiple factors also appear to promote ulcer formation, particularly in someone with H.pylori:

  • Excessive use of otc painkillers (like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen)
  • Psychological stress
  • Smoking
  • Heavy alcohol use


Other studies demonstrate that ulcers of the stomach are more probable to form in aged people. This might be since:

  • Arthritis is common in older people, and relieving arthritis pain may imply consuming everyday doses of ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • With the growth in years, the pylorus (the flap between the duodenum and stomach) eases and permits excessive bile (a substance made within the liver that aids in digestion) making it trickle to the stomach to wear away the lining of the stomach. Moreover, for no understandable reason, people having blood group type A are more probable to get stomach ulcers that are cancerous.
  • Duodenal ulcers incline to manifest in persons with blood group type O, probably since they don’t form the substance upon the blood cells’ surface that may safeguard the duodenum’s lining.
  • A stress-induced ulcer leads to sores in the upper gastrointestinal tract. These sores harm the gastrointestinal lining and result in pain and a sensation of burning, along with an elevated risk of infection. The damage varies from minor irritation to serious bleeding.
  • Ulcers are popular among people under huge physical stress, like those in intensive care units.
  • Doctors occasionally term stress ulcers stress-based mucosal damage.
  • The primary aim of treatment is to lower the stomach and decrease the risk of severe infection, shock, and bleeding.


What Comprise Stress Ulcers?


Stress Ulcers
Full Spectrum CBD


Ulcers terminology can be slightly confusing. Remaining under chronic physiological or psychological stress for extended durations may lead to the creation of a few ulcers, though the phrase “stress ulcer” denotes a certain kind of irritation on your gastrointestinal tract’s lining that appears fast due to intense physiological stresses like severe illness, head injuries, or infections.

Stress ulcers, in contrast to peptic ulcers, are a gastric ulcer type that forms in people having different hidden medical conditions like systemic infections, head injuries, and organ failure. Peptic ulcers usually form slowly from infections of H. pylori, the application of NSAIDs, or chronic stress. Stress ulcers, in contrast, frequently develop fast in people put on ventilators else admitted to ICUs for severe medical conditions.


Symptoms Of An Ulcer

Stress ulcers can result in pain that may better or deteriorate when consuming food. Stress ulcers lead to a series of symptoms.

Minor ulcers may result in no symptoms at all, while severe ulcers may lead to acute pain and severe complications. Since people having stress ulcers are already sick, it can be hard to separate ulcer symptoms from symptoms of another illness.

Popular stress ulcers symptoms comprise:

  • Pain in upper stomach
  • Feeling bloated or unnaturally full
  • Pain that improves or worsens with food
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Anemic symptoms, like breathlessness and pale skin


A few ulcers bleed plenty, resulting in dangerous blood loss. For people who are previously combating severe injuries, this blood loss can be life-threatening.

Symptoms of a fast bleeding ulcer comprise:

  • Red vomit or vomit that is similar to coffee grounds
  • Extremely dark, tarry bowel movements
  • Red or maroon bowel movements
  • Feeling fainting or light-headed


Most ulcers result from Helicobacter pylori. This constitutes infection by bacteria. Acids in the foods consumed by us can render the pain and uneasiness worse. Long-term consumption of anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin is also a popular cause of ulcers. Spicy foods and stress can worsen an ulcer.


Does Stress Cause Stomach Ulcers

There is slight to indicate that can stress cause ulcers, though it appears that stress can restrict the human body’s ability to cope with an infection within the stomach lining. It is so essential that during stressful times you attend more to your gastric health.

This can be accomplished by cultivating hygienic eating habits, shedding weight if you are overweight, and exercising. Ensuring you receive a decent night’s sleep is vital also, as this comprises your body’s “downtime” for it to care for such matters as your physical wellness. Mental health during stressful times is vital also – when you are experiencing pressure it is worthwhile to try meditation or different mindfulness exercises.

A little debate persists concerning this within the medical parlance, though there is proof to indicate anxiety and chronic stress can lead to hormone level imbalances that can raise stomach acidity. This rise of stomach acid may ultimately cause ulcerations within the covering of your duodenum and stomach.

Anxiety and stress are also connected to sleep ailments. Which can deteriorate your body further and render tissue repair harder, further crumbling the lining of your stomach.


How CBD May Help With Ulcers

There is proof that cannabinoids such as CBD exert a definite physiological effect on the pathology of stomach stress ulcers. Studies have displayed that CBD may lower gastric acid while increasing blood flow in the stomach lining.


Research On CBD For Peptic Ulcers

Although studies that concentrate exclusively on CBD and peptic ulcers are restricted, research has discovered CBD to carry therapeutic potential. It may render dealing with peptic ulcers slightly more manageable.

A 2008 study examined cannabinoids in the handling of difficult-to-cure pain. It was finalized that using cannabinoids as pain alleviators has been well-tolerated in clinical examinations. Moreover, including CBD as an additional treatment for pain displays great promise.

A 2012 study discovered that CBD generates anti-nausea effects by its indirect stimulation of the 5-HT1A receptors.

A 2016 study using an animal model indicates that CBD may lower inflammation of the gut by its influence on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors, which may aid lower symptoms of peptic ulcers.

A 2016 study discovered that direct stimulation of CB1 receptors with cannabinoids successfully decreased gastric acid excretion as well as gastric motor action and lessened the lesions forming on the lining of the stomach.

A 2018 study examined Cannabidiol-laden (CBD) botanical extract in the cure of ulcerative colitis (US). This proof-of-concept study analyzed the effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of CBD-abundant botanical extract in patients with ulcerative colitis. Patients aged 18 and above suffering from ulcerative colitis were randomized to 10-weeks CBD-botanical extract or placebo capsules. It was discovered that patient-mentioned quality-of-life results were improved for patients consuming CBD-abundant botanical extract, indicating it is a potentially beneficial therapy for UC.

Cibadol is a vertically-integrated company with the mission to offer the finest standards of CBD by breeding their genetics, growing their hemp crops, extracting their CBD, and manufacturing their products in their cGMP-certified production facility. Their entire products are examined at every level present by an independent, third-party lab.

Some of their CBD products for stress ulcers comprise tinctures, pills, beverages, gummies, and topicals.


Wrapping Up

In contrast to perceptions, stress cannot activate ulcers; nevertheless, handling stress is vital for general wellness which aids remove different risk factors which lead to ulcers. CBD’s supposed therapeutic benefits might aid with stomach ulcer symptoms. Nonetheless, further research is required to authenticate the study results.

WHO mentions that CBD continues to be usually well-tolerated having a nice safety profile. Nevertheless, the permanent impact of CBD remains unclear, while the compound might even interact with different pharmaceuticals.

So, individuals seeking to try out CBD initially, or plan to employ CBD in the form of a subordinate treatment, should initially consult with an experienced doctor for advice.

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