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The Big Hemp Gamble, What we’ve learned from Colorado’s first harvest since federal legalization

Hemp Depot’s success as a leading wholesale and retail Hemp CBD manufacturer was featured in the Denver Business Journal’s look at the first year of Colorado hemp production since federal legalization.


The article notes that in its fourth year of operation, Hemp Depot is harvesting 1,650 acres of hemp this season — the result of planting 11.5 million seeds — and spending $800,000 on labor. It’s one of the fastest-growing privately held companies operating in the metro area, according to DBJ research, with millions in revenue, and was among the first Colorado hemp production to receive certifications from the U.S. Hemp Authority.

The company is laser-focused on CBD, with a 120-acre research facility devoted entirely to tailoring genes and making in-house seeds, Rodosevich said. And like its bigger competitors, it’s vertically integrated, meaning it grows hemp, processes it and sells its own products like pills, bath bombs and tinctures.

Hemp Depot says that seed-to-sale approach will protect it against an unexpected, recent and precipitous plunge in the price of CBD isolate — the purest form of the compound that comes in a crystalline white powder and is used by many manufacturers that create infused products.

Read more in the full feature online.

Article: THE BIG HEMP GAMBLE, What we’ve learned from Colorado’s first harvest since federal legalization Business Journal, Denver

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