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In its essence, meditation is a way of self-care and is a part of your toolkit to achieve calm, balance, and clarity. Additionally, it can be useful to lower stress, enhance your focus and also sleep better. The modern American way of life has used meditation as a relaxation technique, a sort of a massage for the mind. Transcendental meditation is a popular meditation technique for achieving greater calm and inner peace in daily existence, besides the benefit of getting relief from anxiety and checking rapid thoughts, and achieving greater meaning in life.


What Is Transcendental Meditation (TM)?

The concept what is transcendental meditation may appear intimidating to newbies more so when they come to know that TM calls for practitioners to sit down and meditate for twenty minutes. This effortless method of meditation involves silently repeating a chant or mantra for 15 to 20 minutes every day in a sitting posture with the eyes shut. This simple meditation form has been found in research to be quite useful in minimizing anxiety, managing stress, and also lowering blood pressure, and evoking other benefits.

TM gained acclaim in the 1960s with the Beatles becoming its adherents as well as various celebrities and eminent people from there onwards. Unlike meditations that are based on mindfulness that concentrate on removing all thoughts from the mind and slowly placing the attention on the present moment when you observe that your mind has drifted TM focuses on one mantra repeated quietly. This mantra can vary from one individual to another, and those who finish their training programs are normally assigned mantras depending on their individual traits and are considered to be perfect for them.


Transcendental Meditation Is Mantra Meditation

The key difference between TM and other types of meditation is the repetition of the mantra during meditation practice. In transcendental meditation, the mantra is the sound utilized as the tool to bring calmness to the mind. Other kinds of meditation utilize phrases, words, or visualizations while practicing. By concentrating solely on your mantras, you strive toward achieving a state of consciousness and calmness.

While some forms of meditation promote emptying your mind of all subconscious thoughts, motivates thoughts to appear and go, in the same way as observing a cloud drift away.


How To Do Transcendental Meditation?


Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation


If you want to know how to do transcendental meditation, well you have to begin your journey by seeking a certified TM instructor and taking courses. A TM teacher provides general information with regard to its effects and technique in the course of a 60-minute introductory instruction. On the first day of the session, the instructor gives you a mantra that is supposed to be not shared with anyone and kept confidential.

Sessions 2 to 4 will include a small group. The meditation technique involves sitting in a relaxed way with the eyes closed, together with your certified instructor who will exhibit the effective use of the mantra over 4 sessions. It is advised to meditate for twenty minutes every day. After getting trained in TM you will gain access to free sessions as follow-ups with any teacher across the United States to refine your meditation technique.


Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation

The main essence of TM is directed towards transcending and by using the mantra which is a specific sound or thought received from a trained teacher the practitioner begins to concise the thought into its higher consciousness. While meditating your normal thinking process gets transcended and is substituted by a stage of pure consciousness. In such a state, the person meditating achieves complete tranquility, balance, and a sublime level where there are no mental boundaries. Some studies have validated that constant meditation can alleviate chronic pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, and the necessity for health care systems.

Moreover, this form of meditation is safe and can enhance life quality. But scholars are in consensus on the fact that meditation should be taken as the only therapy for any specific health condition or in place of traditional medical care.

TM appears to influence the entire brain and make it function as a holistic part. This is an aspect that is often mentioned by people who have achieved excellence in art, business, or sports. Another rare feature of this kind of meditation is that there is no variation in the brainwaves of beginners and specialists as one can master it fast. Moreover, regular practice can also enhance your cognitive function and overall health. Meditation also rewires your response to stress by keeping you grounded and not so much impacted by stress which goes on alongside our daily lives.


Helps You Manage Chronic Pain

Research has revealed that through the regular practice of TM, the structure of the brain changes so as to manage pain in a better way which includes chronic pain. A 2018 study revealed that this alteration influences cortical thickness in some regions of the brain which helps to regulate your pain sensitivity.

Promotes Sound Sleep

It has been provided that a long-term experience of transcendental meditation can calm your nervous system. This makes people experience more restful sleep and improved quality of sleep. On so many occasions, stress tends to worsen sleep issues and by managing your stress levels, the meditation technique is capable of promoting sound sleep.

Regulation of Cholesterol Levels

Studies have pointed towards the effects of meditation in 35% lowering the possibility of getting high cholesterol. In addition, research has indicated a substantial reduction in cholesterol in those performing transcendental meditation.

Controls Blood Pressure

Along with decreased cholesterol levels, TM can also be useful in dropping your blood pressure. Evidence has shown that the constant practice of TM raises the formation of a chemical compound within the body that enlarges the blood vessels, thereby causing a decline in blood pressure.

Improves Heart Health

By minimizing your stress levels, along with blood pressure plus cholesterol, this form of meditation reduces your chances of suffering a stroke or heart attack, hence improves heart health. As stated by cardiologists, meditation can be a helpful aid in lowering cardiovascular risk.

Improves Brain Function

Transcendental meditation has been proven to thicken the brain areas that govern specific high-level brain tasks, leading to raised awareness, focus, decision making, and learning skills.

Heightens Self-Awareness

Another incredible benefit of TM is its potential to heighten self-awareness by opening a new range of consciousness for its practitioners. Though this only indirectly enhances your life quality, it also promotes mindfulness and better living.

And the list seems endless. Constantly practicing TM can help to upgrade the optimum spheres of your existence, make you more adaptable to stress, and learn to live in the present moment and be at peace with yourself.


Transcendental Meditation vs Breathing Meditation

Transcendental meditation is a popular meditation technique that is made unique by the use of mantras. This mantra may be words, phrases or visualizations employed during a meditation session to aid relax the mind. Exclusive mantras are involved in transcendental meditation to attain a state of complete stillness and consciousness. This type of meditation involves repeating a mantra quietly for 15-20 minutes.


Breathing Meditation


Breathing meditation is a kind of mindful meditation that promotes mindful breathing. Practitioners breathe slowly and deeply, concentrating on their breaths. The aim is to highlight simply breathing and overlook other thoughts that come to mind.

As a type of mindfulness meditation, breathing meditation provides many similar benefits as mindfulness. They comprise lowered anxiety, better concentration, and more emotional flexibility.

Focused breathing comprises sitting silently and concentrating on your breath. Simply by watching the breath, not just will it begin to slow, but the gap between the inhales and exhales will go on increasing. These gaps help you to reach the deepest levels of your subconsciousness and offer peace.

A 2017 review displays that slow breathing can positively affect your heart, respiratory system, and autonomic nervous system, which regulates digestion and heart rate. Box breathing can be helpful in those moments when stress overtakes you and you require an instant way to relax your body and mind. The beauty of this kind of meditation is that it can be done anytime, anywhere.

Box breathing is particularly great for those who cope with deep, physical responses to stress and anxiety. The aim of this practice is to activate the vagus nerve, which aids to reduce the heart rate and draw the body from the fight or flight response.


Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation that involves quietly and effortlessly ruminating on a certain mantra till you transcend conscious thought. Unlike most other types of meditation, where you need to say the mantra aloud, the mantra is not mentioned aloud with transcendental meditation. Rather, it should just be repeated within your mind

In mantras for transcendental meditation, the mantra does not constitute the focus of your meditation session. Rather, it works as a vehicle whose work is to direct your mind into transcendence. As you continue repeating the mantra over and over quietly in your mind, your mind slowly acquires subtle thinking levels, till you ultimately transcend the mantra and reside in silence.


CBD And Transcendental Meditation

CBD users are always curious to know whether can adding CBD to their meditation routine help them achieve better results. The core of powerful meditation is achieving mental calmness and physical relaxation so that you can concentrate inward. This is what the phytocannabinoid CBD does.


Transcendental Meditation
Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture


CBD confers numerous positive effects on your mind and body which can enhance your meditation session. Your body normally produces anandamide – the bliss molecule and a neurotransmitter. It performs on-demand implying that your body does not create it constantly, nor does it preserves the compound to be used later. Endocannabinoids like anandamide is a vital component of the endocannabinoid system which is a vast signaling network of the body that promotes homeostasis and regulates various physiological processes. Higher anandamide levels are associated with elevated happiness and low cortisol levels or the stress hormone thereby managing the flight-or-fight response perfectly. CBD has been found to increase the availability of anandamide by inhibiting the enzyme FAAH that disintegrates it.

In addition, CBD oil has been indicated to improve focus by working on GABA receptors thereby relaxing and calming an overworking nervous system. This can help you to stay in the zone for more duration and counter random fleeting thoughts that can throw you out of balance. Moreover, studies are also revealing that CBD oil can be helpful in lowering blood pressure and promoting slower breathing which in turn activates the parasympathetic system that controls relaxation and feelings of calmness. Not to speak, of the potential of CBD to alter serotonin levels within the brain.

You can blend your meditation chants with CBD supplementation in the form of capsules, CBD oils, tinctures, or topicals to ease yourself before meditation.


Final Thoughts

Transcendental meditation helps its practitioners to achieve higher consciousness by reciting a private mantra while sitting with their eyes closed. This technique creates a sense of relaxed awareness, efficiency, and stress relief. Advanced courses add to the technique of the Sidhi program. You can experience your thought in its subtle form and transcend it using the technique of transcendental meditation for 20 minutes daily.

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