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Different Types Of CBD: Detailed Guide

CBD is a compound that is naturally present and exclusive to cannabis plants and is completely non-intoxicating. It has been at the center stage in recent times due to its health-boosting qualities and little to nil side effects normal to general OTC medications. You can find different types of CBD products flooding the market from edibles to sublingual and topicals. When you browse online the various CBD products, you may have observed some being labeled as “THC-free”, “full-spectrum CBD” or “CBD isolate”.

This detailed guide has been put together as a handy guide to know about the different types of CBD, how CBD works on your system, its various forms, things to consider while selecting the perfect CBD dosage, and how to choose the best CBD products.


Different Types Of CBD


Types Of CBD
Full Spectrum CBD


Companies use different extraction techniques to derive CBD from the hemp or cannabis plant. The differing diffusions lead to various types of CBD. The three types of CBD composed of different concentrations and compounds are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates.

The primary difference between the two primary types of CBD – full-spectrum and broad-spectrum rests on the cannabinoid profile and the presence of various naturally present plant compounds in the extract.

Full- Spectrum: Contains all portions of the whole cannabis plant which includes a vast array of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN or CBC, terpenes, and essential oils. CBD products that are full-spectrum have THC levels of below 0.3%.

A study conducted in 2018 indicates that full-spectrum CBD produces greater benefits for pain and inflammation compared to CBD isolate due to the collective effects of THC and CBD. Another benefit offered by full-spectrum CBD is it is more natural and less processed than CBD isolate.


Health benefits accruing to Full-Spectrum CBD:

  • Relief in muscle spasm
  • Anti-seizure
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Analgesic effects
  • Treating psychotic disorders
  • As a powerful antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory agent




They contain a major amount of plant compounds within cannabis. In contrast to full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD products contain no THC or in trace amounts. Broad-spectrum CBD can possess different cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which can confer wellness benefits extending beyond CBD.



They contain only CBD and do not have THC and other cannabinoids. A pure form of CBD, with no other plant compounds from cannabis plants, CBD isolates generally originate from hemp plants. They are in the form of crystals and sold as a powder after being ground up. After all, CBD isolate constitutes a higher refined product and undergoes extra processing. The extract has to go through a purification and cooling procedure to modify it to a CBD isolate. Additional processing creates a CBD crystal or crystalline isolate.

These isolates are best for first-time users who prefer to try out the possible wellness benefits of CBD without the intervention of different cannabis compounds which can change the effects. Those who do not prefer products containing THC or want to pass the drug test may opt for CBD isolate.  Being refined, CBD isolates do not have a distinctive smell or odor.


Different Types of CBD
CBD Tincture


As research holds that both full and broad-spectrum can deliver clinical responses when users utilize them. The results are not mainly because of CBD but due to an entourage effect that takes place due to the synergistic effects of compounds from various ingredients that bring optimal wellness benefits. However, products that have isolated CBD may not deliver any marked effects.

Research conducted in 2015 indicates that to achieve pain alleviation by taking CBD isolates, people would require a much higher concentration than is needed in other CBD forms. It also suggests that the effects of CBD isolate to counter inflammation and pain can take place at a particular dose. On the contrary, in full-spectrum products, the effects magnify with the increase in dosage.


How CBD Works On Your System

This healing phytocannabinoid works mainly by interacting with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) – a signaling network within the body that regulates the different physiological processes and maintains homeostasis or balance between different organs. This vast signaling system also depends on naturally formed cannabinoids such as 2 – AG and anandamide to restore the equilibrium within the body system.

CBD offers its therapeutic effects on a molecular plane as it produces its effects via numerous molecular pathways. CBD can activate the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A as is evidenced to confer an anxiolytic effect. This G-coupled receptor is involved in a wide spectrum of neurological and biological processes which includes appetite, pain perception, nausea, and sleep issues.

Moreover, CBD also directly interfaces with different ion channels to provide a relieving effect. For instance, CBD attaches to TRPV1 receptors, which are capable of functioning as ion channels and are known to mediate inflammation, pain signals, and body temperature.


CBD Extraction Process

There is no difference in the process of extracting CBD in these products which generally involves:

Carbon dioxide extraction is a popular technique for the extraction of CBD products that creates CBD in high concentrations. This method applies CO2 to isolate CBD from the cannabis plant.

Solvent extraction is an effective method, but it can leave a solvent residue which can be a likely health risk. This method of CBD extraction can also influence the flavor of the concentrate.

The steam distillation process uses steam to remove the oil from the plant substance. A popular method for drawing out essential plant oils, but is not as efficient as the CO2 technique.

The lipid extraction method is becoming popular as some manufacturers are trying to skip the use of solvents and CO2. This method involves using heat, pressure, and time to assimilate and compress plant compounds into fat or lipid type MCT oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. It is an easy but efficacious process that retains healthy nutrients using minimal processing.

After extraction, CBD producers term the ensuing CBD oil as full-spectrum. CBD derived from hemp contains a 0.3% THC concentration or less.


Various Forms Of CBD Products

There are three different forms of CBD. The main CBD form of products include:


CBD Oils

CBD oils are directed by manufacturers to be placed sublingually below the tongue and later swallowed. Based on the brand the potency, dose, and price range can differ. Dosing can begin at a lower range of 5 to 10 milligrams.




Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies
Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD products in the form of edibles include gummies, pills, softgels, and capsules which are convenient to dose.




CBD Salve Extra Strength
CBD Topicals


Topical forms of CBD are meant to be applied topically and are available as creams, salves, balms, ointments, and lotions. Different products contain varying potencies. These are applied directly on the skin where you need to rub them on the desired region. Topicals generally are prepared from carrier oils and different ingredients.



CBD can also be inhaled through vaping and the market offers a bevy of products ranging from CBD flowers, vape pens, vaping liquids, and cartridges.


Pet Products

Cibadol PET - Small Tincture

CBD brands also produce pet products in the form of tinctures, treats, and capsules for your furry companions.


How To Select The Best CBD Dosage

Mentioned in milligrams, the best CBD dosage is based on the severity of your conditions and the symptoms you are treating as well as your endocannabinoid system which is connected with behavior, motor functions, the nervous system as well as body equilibrium or homeostasis. It is ideal to begin small, and slowly work up your dose to a level that produces the intended effect. Your starting point can be half a gummy or just a drop of CBD oil. Ideally, it is best to navigate under the medical care of a qualified health provider or a physician.


How To Choose The Best CBD Products

While selecting CBD products you should always check its source – whether derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado farms, methods of extraction – supercritical CO2 extraction is the industry gold standard and also the transparency of the company. Your choice can also rest on the potency, consumption mode, and the type of CBD product which should work towards helping you achieve your desired effects.

In addition, when you are searching for a high-quality CBD product you should also look for a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) created by third-party labs to ensure product safety and proper labeling.

Reputable brands like Cibadol offer lab results that are batch-specific, which can be seen on their official website. This premium CBD manufacturing and retailing brand follows transparent and great manufacturing practices in their cGMP authorized facilities and produces superior quality CBD range of products from organically sourced hemp. You can pick from their bevy of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolates, and a host of CBD products which includes topicals, tinctures, Softgels, capsules, vapes, and pet products.


Summing Up

CBD products are present everywhere as isolates, full and broad-spectrum products. Its various forms as gummies, soft gels, vaping flowers, topicals, tinctures, and oils are in popular use and its demands are ever-growing. This is because of the well-documented benefits of CBD oil as it can regulate essential body functions, brings mental relaxation, and produces neuroprotective, pain mitigating, and anti-inflammatory effects. When incorporated into your active lifestyle and diet, CBD can bring a positive impact on your overall well-being and promote homeostasis.

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