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If you’re reading this, you’re part of a growing movement: of people wanting to know more about cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating chemical compound found in cannabis.

CBD’s potential is currently being explored in a wide variety of clinical trials. And for several years now, Tru Organics has been helping consumers and businesses that are looking for full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp.  As you know, hemp is a variety of cannabis that unlike its genetic “cousin” marijuana contains little to no THC; the compound that makes marijuana users “high.”

We began developing our exclusive line of CBD supplements back in 2015, when our parent company Hemp Depot established a 120-acre hemp farm in eastern Colorado.

Unlike the hemp-derived CBD found in some other supplements, whose origins and quality can be questionable, Tru Organics’ CBD is grown under standards approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (ORMI), an international non-profit organization that determines which products are allowed for use in organic production and processing.

We don’t use pesticides or herbicides and always use organic farming practices.

“Hemp is naturally pest resistant and fungus resistant, which makes it easy to grow without pesticides, which is what we like to do,” says Luke Pickering; who with Andy Rodosevich founded Tru Organics and who takes care of day-to-day growing operations.

Tru Organics’ hemp crops were started from scratch. Not only do we use traditional agricultural growing methods but our unique strain of hemp, Otto II, was created by famed plant geneticist Ben Holmes. Otto II has developed a wide-spread reputation as a top-quality industrial hemp plant that produces some of the highest levels of CBD available commercially.

“Our extraction methods are done by trained specialists and produce consistent, high quality CBD oil,” says Rodosevich. “So we not only farm some of the best all-natural CBD industrial hemp in the world but also manufacture the most concentrated CBD oil on the planet.”

All Tru Organics products are constantly monitored for quality control, and geared to meet our consumers’ needs.

Our CBD products is also available in a variety of forms, from easy-to-digest pills, isolate, and tinctures to relaxing topical body cream.

“Unlike a lot of our competitors we are in this business for the long game,” says Rodosevich. “We’ve been working in the cannabis sector for close to a decade now, and understand not only what’s required to produce pure, clean CBD products, but also how important CBD oil is and will become for our customers.”

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