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What Are the Benefits of CBD Topicals?

There are numerous ways that you can take CBD. From vape pens to tinctures, each administration method has its own set of pros and cons. When it comes to popular CBD products, one of the more commonly known options is CBD topicals. So, what makes the topical application different? Does it still offer any promising therapeutic potential? Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of CBD topicals and what benefits they have to offer.

The Advantages and Differences of CBD Topicals

  • Drug interactions: Ingestible CBD can cause potential drug interactions since it temporarily deactivates the cytochrome p45o system which metabolizes the majority of pharmaceuticals and supplements. Similar to grapefruit, it’s always important to speak to your healthcare provider before trying CBD. Topical CBD is mainly absorbed into the skin with very minimal amounts actually making it to your bloodstream. Topical CBD shouldn’t cause drug interactions but we always recommend speaking to your healthcare professional.
  • Skin cannabinoid receptors: There are cannabinoid receptors located throughout all three layers of the skin. CBD can interact with these receptors, offering therapeutic potential for certain skin conditions, muscle pain, inflamed joints, etc. While topical CBD won’t interact with internal receptors for providing promising benefits for conditions like anxiety, it can promote potential pain relief and inflammation relief for external issues.
  • Beginner friendly: CBD can be unapproachable for many who aren’t familiar with cannabis. This gives a great opportunity for someone to try CBD if ingestible and intranasal options are too much.

Cibadol Top-Quality CBD Topicals

Cibadol is honored to provide top-quality CBD topical options for individuals of any age or background. From seasoned athletes to individuals in our senior community, topical CBD products offer a great natural alternative for those seeking pain relief, inflammation relief, and comfort for skin conditions.

For more information regarding our top-quality CBD topical options, please contact us!

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