At Cibadol our goal is simple. We want to empower CBD-rich hemp farms to produce the finest raw material on the market. From this raw material we manufacture the most concentrated CBD oil in the world. We match the best extraction equipment with highly-trained specialists, to ensure a constant premium quality extraction.

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Cibadol was created to provide an extra strength CBD supplement line. Our products are non-GMO, full spectrum hemp CBD oil. Some supplement providers source their CBD with low quality hemp from Asia and other parts of the world. Our hemp is grown in Colorado, and exclusively uses organic soil amendments. We continuously monitor and improve our processes to meet all regulations and exceed quality standards. We pride ourselves on providing the best CBD supplements in the world.

Today, thousands of customers around the globe have come to trust and rely on us for standardized, high-quality, natural CBD from hemp. Orders are delivered right to your door in all 50 states and in over 40 countries worldwide.

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