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Cannabinoid Therapy

Learn more about how to craft your own custom regimen

Crafting Your Cannabinoid Therapy Strategy

Everyone has different body chemistry, endocannabinoid deficiencies, and sensitivities. In order to find the right regimen for you, it’ll take patience and experimentation to discover the proper products. Some individuals may find therapeutic value from certain cannabinoids more than others. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive cannabinoid product line that can be customized for your specific needs. Taking the time to consider what ailments and conditions you’d like to work on is the best way to get started. This can help you better determine what cannabinoids you’d like to focus on.

Cibadol is proud to explain the basics behind cannabinoid therapy and how it may benefit you.

Cannabinoid therapy requirements are different for every individual, making the self-experimentation process essential.

Product Compatibility

Individuals who are prone to plant allergies may react to full-spectrum products. Individuals with certain digestive issues may also react to products formulated with carrier oils. Certain conditions may be better suited with topical CBD products while others may require oral or intranasal administration. Again, self-experimentation is essential in finding what product works best for you.

Dosage and Frequency

Some individuals find comprehensive therapeutic value from only taking CBD when needed while others experience subtle overall differences when taking CBD daily. Dosage and frequency always vary from person to person. Be aware that CBD is safe in large doses and doesn’t pose the risk of overdose or dependency, so it is completely safe to experiment with.

Incorporating Cannabinoid Therapy Into Your Normal Routine

CBD does pose potential drug interactions making it crucial to speak to your healthcare professional before trying it. It is always best to work under the guidance of your healthcare professional when trying any cannabinoid therapy. Some individuals find ways to incorporate cannabinoid treatment into their existing routines while others find ways to transition from their pharmaceuticals to only cannabinoid therapy. Whatever route you decide, please always speak to your medical professional first.

Potential Benefits of Naturally-Occurring Cannabinoids


Invest In Your Health Today

Cibadol welcomes any questions you have regarding cannabinoid therapy. Our team is happy to help you get started with yours. Start investing in your health today!


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