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Brain Power

Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Naturally

Everyone forgets certain things when they get busy and having a poor memory is completely natural. Regardless, this can be aggravating. Memory loss is influenced by genetics, particularly in catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, studies have revealed that diets and lifestyle have a significant impact on brain power. Ways To Boost Your […]

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Sedentary Lifestyle

How To Overcome A Sedentary Lifestyle?

While technological advancements make our lives secure and comfortable, they have also encouraged several individuals to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. Less Physical activity has been associated with a variety of health problems, and it is thought to be a key contributor to the obesity epidemic. Inactivity and sitting for longer durations, according to research […]

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Optimistic Mindset

How To Adopt An Optimistic Mindset?

Optimism is a philosophy as well as an attitude. It’s a philosophy that governs how we perceive occurrences in our daily lives. It’s a way of thinking about how we go ahead. It’s a style of life—a viewpoint or lens through which to assess excellent and unwanted occurrences as they occur in our daily lives. […]

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How To Overcome Burnout And Stay Motivated?

Burnout affects everyone: we’re all prone to feeling burned out, especially when we’re motivated to do more work than we’re capable of physically or cognitively. But, exactly, what does “burned out” mean? Burnout is physical and emotional tiredness that occurs when we are exposed to stress for an extended period. Burnout can also occur when […]

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