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How to Make Your Own CBD Suppositories

Suppositories have been utilized for hundreds of years to deliver optimal relief for both vaginal and rectal issues. When it comes to doing what’s best for your health and body, opting to make your own suppositories can help ensure that you’re only using the high-quality, limited ingredients that you’re comfortable with. DIY suppositories can also […]

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How Does CBD Interact With the Immune System?

With the ongoing pandemic, many individuals are looking for better ways to naturally boost the immune system. From supplements to staying consistently active, there are countless options for strengthening the immune system and ensuring you’re in the best health possible. When it comes to the role of CBD and the immune system, scientists are still […]

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Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Finding ways to stay active and consistent can be tough. Many people struggle with creating an achievable workout routine that they can keep up with. That’s why pre-workout supplements are so common among individuals just getting started with their fitness plan as well as consistent gym-goers. The unfortunate thing about pre-workout supplements and drinks is […]

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Comparing CBD With Pharmaceuticals: What’s the Best Option for You?

Pharmaceuticals and Western medication serve an important purpose for our health and wellness needs. While many traditional medications can be highly effective in treating certain conditions, there are always risks and consequences tied to taking them. Unfortunately, there are particular conditions with no alternative options but there are many in which CBD may offer therapeutic […]

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How CBD Can Help With Seasonal Allergies and Outdoor Fitness

During these uncertain times, staying active is crucial for both physical and mental health. For those of us that experience seasonal allergies, finding ways to stay physically active can be difficult especially when outdoors. Seasonal allergies can make any outdoor exercise significantly more difficult, leading to sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and other unwanted symptoms. […]

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What Are the Benefits of CBD Topicals?

There are numerous ways that you can take CBD. From vape pens to tinctures, each administration method has its own set of pros and cons. When it comes to popular CBD products, one of the more commonly known options is CBD topicals. So, what makes the topical application different? Does it still offer any promising […]

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