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Learn more about our exclusive wholesale and white label CBD opportunities

Cibadol is proud to share our exclusive wholesale program in order to help promote our mission of providing clinical-grade CBD to all the members in our community in need. The Cibadol product line is available for wholesale and white label opportunities both domestically and internationally. Due to our vertical integration, we’re able to provide incredible benefits for all of our wholesale clients.

The Benefits of Our Wholesale CBD Program

  • Clinical-grade CBD: Our scientists and formulators have spent years in research and development in order to achieve our high standards of clinical-grade CBD. 
  • Competitive pricing: Vertical integration has eliminated outsourcing costs while helping us maintain our high-quality standards. We proudly pass on these savings to you.
  • Strict testing standards: All Cibadol products are independent, third-party lab tested. We’ve embraced full transparency, traceability, and testing.
  • Low minimum orders: We provide the benefit of low minimum orders of 100 for better logistical flexibility. Our cGMP-certified facility can manufacture orders of any size. 

Join Our White Label CBD Program

Cibadol offers an incredible, industry-leading white label CBD program for both domestic and international clients. Take advantage of our proven, successful products and brand them as your own. Maintain high-quality standards for your own company.

The Benefits of Our White Label CBD Program

  • Complimentary label design: Every white label purchase includes complimentary label design. Our graphic design team is happy to help you create compelling, in-brand collateral for your purchase.
  • Dropship and hybrid fulfillment: Our cGMP-certified manufacturing is capable of providing any dropship or fulfillment service you may need for better customer satisfaction and convenience.
  • Gain an industry-leading partner: From complimentary marketing resources to access to industry experience, we’re here to help you succeed. We’re happy to help you in any way possible to run a successful, long-term business.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer the most competitive pricing for our pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Enjoy safe, effective products for your own brand. 
  • Strict testing standards: All white label products are independent, third-party lab tested so you can maintain the same transparency standards that we do. 
  • Low minimum orders: We offer the benefit of low minimum orders of 100 for all white label purchases. However, our manufacturing facility is capable of producing reliable orders of any size.

Leading Custom Formulation Services

Cibadol offers the exclusive opportunity of working with our incredible scientists, formulators, and cannabis researchers. Formulate virtually any product with our pharmaceutical-grade CBD. From CBD k-tape to your own proprietary supplements, we welcome any opportunity to innovate.

The Benefits of Our Custom CBD Formulation Services

  • Achieve the impossible: We’re confident that we can create any CBD product you’re looking for. Our commitment to continued growth and learning allows us to work on any project that comes our way.
  • Contract manufacturing: Our cGMP-certified facility is capable of manufacturing your custom products with our clinical-grade CBD. We also offer contract manufacturing services for any company looking for high production standards.
  • High customization: From ingredient sourcing to pinpointing the exact flavor profile, we’ll work with you to ensure your custom CBD product meets your specific expectations and standards.
  • Complimentary label design: Once we’ve crafted the perfect custom product, our graphic design team is available for helping create the right labels. Take advantage of all our resources to run a successful CBD business.
  • Strict testing standards: All custom formulations undergo our strict testing standards and are independent, third-party lab tested for safety and efficacy. Your custom product comes complete with its own COAs.    

Invest In Your Health Today

Cibadol welcomes any questions you have regarding our wholesale, white label, and custom formulation opportunities. Start investing in your customers’ health today!


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